Sea Turtle Relief – My Kids Help the Gulf

Mom, I saw the news. I saw them. They were covered in oil. How can they do that? They were covered in oil and we have to help them. We have to help them now. We have to go there and we have to help them. -Jack

With tears in his eyes my seven-year old son begged me to help the sea turtles in the Gulf. He told his five-year old sister what happened with the oil spill and he insisted our family do something. Insisted.

So we’re doing something.

At Jack’s request I am posting six pictures, hand drawn with great love and care. He would like you to bid for them – with the picture going to the highest bidder and all proceeds going to Sea Turtle relief efforts in the Gulf.

My children have very big hearts, and I really want to show them the world has a big heart too. Help me help them make a difference.

Please bid on the items below by leaving a comment on this post. Please note the picture you are bidding for, what price you are offering,  and where you can be contacted (email, twitter id, etc). The “Sea Turtles are Awesome and Cute” Auction ends July 10th, 2010 at midnight.  ***BIDDING IS NOW CLOSED!!! THANK YOU ALL!!!

All monies collected will be donated to various Sea Turtle Relief org’s helping in the Gulf including but not limited to:

Oiled Wildlife Care Network

Institute for Marine Mammal Studies

And the organizations associated with Plug That Well – a fun game for a cause… go play!

**update! If you have left a bid on a pic or will leave a bid, please leave a comment on Twitter for @jterzieff or on her blog. She will match $5 for every bid! Please do it!

*for those just wanting to make a donation: ($180 was donated via paypal before this was installed so add $180 to the tally below!)

Jack’s Sea Turtle Relief Creation #1- current high bid $50

Jack's sea turtle relief creation #1

Hala’s Sea Turtle Relief Creation #1- current high bid $60

Hala's sea turtle relief creation #1

Jack’s Sea Turtle Relief Creation #2- current high bid $50

Jack's sea turtle relief creation #2

Hala’s Sea Turtle Relief Creation #2- current high bid $50

Hala's sea turtle relief creation #2

Jack’s Sea Turtle Relief Creation #3- current high bid $60

Jack's sea turtle relief creation #3
Hala’s Sea Turtle Relief Creation #3- current high bid $50

Hala's sea turtle relief creation #3


  1. Martha Muzychka says:

    Jack’s Sea Turtle Relief Creation #1 I’ll start the bidding at $15. Twitter:@marthamuzychka

  2. Thank you Martha!

  3. I’ll put in a $20 bid on Hala’s Creation #1. You’re raising amazing kids, mama!

    Twitter: @slpowell
    .-= Shannan P´s last blog ..The Tentatively Happy Ending =-.

  4. Hala #3 for $15 …while I dab the tears from my eye.

  5. Thank you Shannan! Thank you Stephanie!

  6. What great kids! I’ll bid $20 on Jack #3!
    .-= Real Life SArah´s last blog ..“Am I Doing Something Wrong” =-.

  7. Thank you Sarah!

  8. Michele Simmons says:

    What talented young artists at the ready & willing to take action to help our turtle friends in the Gulf!! Big props to your BIG <3s Jack & Hala 8-D Will start the bidding on Hala's Sea Turtle Relief Creation #3 at $15
    Twithandle: @mojave44

  9. Michele Simmons says:

    Ha! Bids rolling in before I hit ‘submit’ – make that $20

  10. a HUGE thanks to @Geekytaitai who made a donation to my paypal for the turtles

  11. W00t thank you Michele!

  12. I’ll bid $30 on Hala’s #1. I’m wiping tears.
    twitter – @agategal
    .-= Tonya´s last blog ..Getting Ready =-.

  13. I bid $15.00 for Hala #2. It’s a great picture!

  14. I’ll put $20 an Hala’s #2.


  15. Thank you Tonya! Thank you Elizabeth!

  16. Thank you Angie!

  17. Put 20$ on Hala number 3 for me please, it would look great on my office wall, looking out the window at the pond.
    .-= Nan ´s last blog ..How to Google Me and win =-.

  18. Thanks Nan!

  19. SparkleBella says:

    Chiming in with a bid for:
    Jack’s relief creation #2 for $20
    Hala’s relief creation #2 for $25

    Thanks, Jack and Hala, for helping the Sea Turtles! Great idea!

    Kids with heart and compassion. Nice work, Mom & Dad.

    Good luck!

  20. Thanks so much @SparkleBella

  21. I remember being at my grandparents house when I was a kid, and seeing a commercial for the Save the Children thing. I saw the emaciated children in the commercial, flies buzzing around them… and started crying. I begged my grandparents to adopt a child: “I mean, it’s only 15 cents a DAY!” They refused and of course a tantrum ensued. I was inconsolable.

    It’s profound how intensely kids feel empathy.
    .-= Alana Joy´s last blog ..MySpace or Yours Reminiscing -amp Thoughts on Sharing =-.

  22. It is Alana. I can’t even explain how upset my son was seeing pics of the turtles. Tears. Full on tears.

  23. $30 for Hala’s picture #2. 🙂

  24. Thank you Carly!

  25. Hala #2 for $40.
    Great parents = great kids. So inspiring…thank you!

  26. Thank you so much Callie!

  27. $50 for Hala’s Sea Turtle Relief Creation #1
    .-= Chris Heuer´s last blog ..Sony Dash and Social Media Club Tweetup =-.

  28. Kathy T says:

    $20 for Jack #1 – warms my heart to see such compassion. This would hang proudly in my cubicle at work.

  29. Thank you so much Chris and Kathy!

  30. $30 for Jack #1

  31. Thank you Elisa!

  32. I’m confused about where the bidding is, but I will bid $40 for Jack #2, unless Hala has fallen behind:-) Where do I Paypal it?

  33. Thanks Francine. You bid on which one you want and at which price until July 10th. Highest bid wins the picture. Or you can donate directly via chipin above and not win a drawing 🙂

  34. Jack and Hala are already changing the world. 🙂 What good examples for all of us…

  35. What a cool idea.
    Glad to see kinds interested and involved at such a young age.
    Speaks to your parenting.
    .-= Todd Jordan´s last blog ..Away for the holidays =-.

  36. Your children are absolutely wonderful and the idea to auction their beautiful drawings is truly inspirational. I hope they both feel better knowing that they are making a big difference for the turtles.
    .-= Geekytaitai´s last blog ..Am I Stupid- Crazy- or Just an Easy Mark =-.

  37. You have some amazing kids 🙂 I donated a little – good luck with your goal!! And thank you!
    .-= Katie´s last blog ..Radius Intelligent Toothbrush Review =-.

  38. Thank so much guys. The kids are very excited.

  39. I heard this piece this morning and I thought of Jack & Hala:

    Jack’s Sea Turtle Relief Collection #3 – my bid: $50

    Hala’s Sea Turtle Relief Collection #3 – my bid: $50
    .-= GreenInOC´s last blog ..The Greenest Book Club- =-.

  40. Thank you so much GreenInOC!!!!

  41. I sent you the $15 bucks from the Poop Bingo plus another big $5.
    .-= Suebob´s last blog ..Goldieversary- =-.

  42. Awww thanks Sue

  43. $30 for Hala’s 2nd creation!
    .-= MFA Mama´s last blog ..this is what happens when you try to raise them to be open-minded =-.

  44. I’ll send a cheque to you next week. Let’s say at least $50 (Canadian dollars, of course), but probably more because I’m pretty damn proud of your kids (even though we’ve never met).
    .-= Megan´s last blog ..mig14- -technosailor only if GSP is fighting Lesnar shudder =-.

  45. Thank you MFA MAMA and thank you Megan!

  46. Donation made! I’m thinking a similar effort at Blogher would not be out of line… @LynetteRadio
    .-= Lynette Young´s last blog ..The Right Tool For The Job =-.

  47. Just bid $20 on @jterzieff’s blog which I will, of course, donate whether I win or lose. Good luck, Hala and Jackson. What a great idea!


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