HRH the Princess Peanut…poops

I’m used to it. The Kaiser is used to it. Getting pooped on is nothing new for us really. And Princess Peanut tends to poop OUT her diaper a lot. But she had yet to get her brother…until today. Now that she’s crawling, she’s crawling to HIM. A lot. And finally, she crawled on him during an unfortunate moment for the Count. Wow. A lot of poop talk lately, huh?

Count Waffles took it well. “Yuk…Mommy, wanna wipe my hand?” And that was that. Whew. Seriously, though. How can you be mad at that sweet face???


  1. She is so darned adorable, I’m jealous.

    I feel my ovaries screaming, “Have another baby! Have a girl!!!!”

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