Aww shucks

A big thank you for all the emails wishing me a happy and better day. Smooch. The pic is for the friend who couldn’t imagine me in glasses. Here I am!

The Count is in his undies. Looking so cute I wanna just eat him up. We were making great potty progress today until I found pee in a tupperware bowl.

Also cheering me up today…news that our friends currently rumpusing in Orlando are transforming one of the guys in the group with a complete makeover. From hair to tanning to glasses and clothing. We’re all dying to see pictures. And I’m sure they will all have stories to tell. The last time this crew got together it was one for the record books (click then scroll down to Lake, Big Lake).



  2. Boy, I sure hope you mean the glasses and not the kids…or I may have to rethink blogging. hee hee hee

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