Just call me Queen Bringdown

I’m sad today. My Dad isn’t feeling well. This is nothing new, but for some reason its wearing on me this morning. He has a heart condition that’s doing ok…but he also has a form of leukemia which is kicking his ass. He called to talk hockey but I spent the entire conversation listening for clues on his health and mental state. My father PLAYED hockey until he got sick three years ago while I was pregnant with the Count. It just sucks. He and my Mom live across the country and today I’d give just about anything to be watching preseason WITH him instead of reviewing games via phone.

Not helping matters…I keep listening to THIS SONG written after the Tsunami. And now, in light of Katrina, it just tears your heart out. The Kaiser knows my musical taste so well he downloaded it for me…but he may be regretting that when he comes home tonight to a sobbing Queen.

A friend of ours lost his job this morning.
The Count’s hives have returned.
All of our friends have reunited for a funfilled weekend in Florida but we were unable to go. I miss them.
I woke up to that exploding bus on the news.
Rita can bite me.
I officially have to wear glasses now.
The Count just fell down the stairs and nailed his knee.
I’m going back to bed.


  1. Eliza Gilkyson’s song, “Milk and Honey” was playing on folkalley.com shortly after I read your post. Her song, “Calm Before The Storm” is the highest rated song there right now.

    I bet if you login and stream folkalley from your computer all day long today, you’ll feel better before the Kaiser gets home.

  2. Wow. In love with this. In love with you for telling me! THANK YOU!!!

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