OF COURSE its the Sultan of Brunei

The Kaiser actually made a comment in my previous post. I encourage everyone to see his profile. He’s just trying to show off.

I became a little excited this past weekend when I got a hit on my page from someone in Brunei. I immediately decided it was the Sultan. But then, I didn’t know if they actually had Sultans in Brunei or if I was just recalling a Goldie Hawn movie. But anyway, here is everything you’ve wanted to know about Brunei. Including the fact that it’s Brunei Darussalam-duh.

Sarah is still waiting for a hit from Japan. If anyone knows anyone in Japan who can check out her blog, that would be nice and I’ll mail you a sticker or something.

Yes, I’ve added Google ads to the site. And yes, they are about royalty and fart machines. Because if that’s not my family in a nutshell, I’m really not sure what is.


  1. I think it should be pointed out, because it explains a lot about my wife, but she looked up the SULTAN OF BRUNEI because in her mind who else would be visiting her site than the freaking Sultan. Of Brunei. Is visiting my wife’s mommy blog.


  2. Yeah, I’m starting to think I can only have 40 countries. I’m still not sure what is going on. It could be some sort of Goon Squad boycott. Maybe they heard that my Mom still refers to Asians as Orientals.

  3. I’m still not sure its legit. I mean…how does anyone from Qatar end up on a Mommy Blog in the US???

  4. Well of course the sultan can afford such luxurious life only. The every item made of gold and diamond and even earning 90 euros per second is not imaginable but sultan is earning all this.

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