We have a thing

Sap Alert. Sap Alert. The Queen is in Mushy mode. Kaiser beware when you get home. Count and Princess run for the hills, because the kisses and hugs will be never ending today>>>>

With that disclaimer out of the way…Today is Princess Peanut’s 6-month birthday and check-up. Yes, I am that anal. I schedule their check ups EXACTLY on the day they should go. But instead of agonizing about shots, I’m finding myself getting all sentimental and I think I know why. I really, really, really don’t want all of this to go by too quickly. And I know. I just KNOW it will.

I can remember clearly the Count’s check ups. Getting excited (what was wrong with me?) for every one of them because he would be weighed and measured and growing. How much did he grow? When can he start solids? When will he crawl (as it turned out, never)? When will he walk? Talk? I couldn’t wait for these things to happen. I know better with the Princess. I know I want her to slow down.

But its not that simple. You see, I also would like time to just stop. Last night, I wanted it to stop so badly I nearly cried watching the clock change. You see, the Count and I now have a thing. Its one of those truly unique parent/kid things that develops slowly and suddenly becomes “your thing.” Ours started when Count Waffles became (and still is) obsessed with being outdoors all the time. Trying to get him to stay inside for 5 more minutes one day, I hugged him and said “I love you” and then tagged on “inside” to try and get him to stay put (as boys tend to really NOT want to do) for just a few more minutes. So it became “I love you inside.” The Count responded with “I love you…outside” and he had the most devilish look on his face. So I said “I love you everywhere.” That’s how it started. Then it took on a life of its own. Nightly, daily, whenever, the Count and I always said our “I love yous” with our little routine. I love you outside. I love you inside. I love you everywhere.

Last night the Count had a nightmare. When the comforting in his bed (at the foot of our bed) didn’t work. He crawled in with us. Just as he was passing out, he tucked his little head in the crook of my neck and squeezed. “Mommy” he said. “I wuv you outside. And inside. And everywhere.” And then he was asleep.

I lay there with my son, curled up on my left. And my daughter curled up on my right. My husband snoring softly. And if I had the power, I would have stopped time forever.

So forgive me if I’m not looking forward to today’s 6-month Princess check up. Because its here way too soon.


  1. HI. I just wanted to say that my daughter Kate went from moving around on her bum across the floor.. to pulling herself up and walking.

    plenty of people made me panic, saying that if she didnt crawl then her legs wouldnt develop or get strong enough etc etc etc. It was frightening.

    She is now almost 3 and running around with the best of them. Doctors say she is 100% normal. So to all other mothers out there who worry because their baby wont crawl… here is 2 of us with healthy toddlers that never crawled 🙂

  2. I had friends tell me he wouldn’t read because he did not crawl. Idiots. All of them

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