De Plane! De plane!

Picked up the Count from school today only to discover I’ve been labeled “Tattoo Mom” by the teachers. TATTOO MOM. Let that sink in a sec. I guess that’s better than Stripper Mom. Or Church Going Looking Mom. Or Generic Soccer Mom. Or Fatt Ass Mom.
Turns out they were referring to my battle with a temporary tattoo of a dinosaur that wouldn’t leave. I guess one of the teachers thought it was real. Because, you know, apparently I look like the type of person that tattoos cartoon-like dinosaurs on my flabby upper arm. Nevermind the nursery school teachers are obviously gossiping about the mothers (oh, come on…like you wouldn’t? bravo you) but I guess we’re getting labels as well. How very Seinfeld. And yes, I do have tattoos…but other than the temporary kids dino, the teachers will never see them.


  1. So you truly are the tattoo mom! Maybe the teachers are psychic? Maybe they have x-ray vision?!

  2. Hey, at least they didn’t call you “bitch mom,” or “crazy PTA mom,” or “possessed by Satan himself mom”…

    Good game last night! Could have gone either way…

  3. Anonymous says:

    I know at our school we have “dropping off your kids in your PJs” MOMS and even (unfortunately) “coming to school high on drugs and passing out in the parking lot” mom.

  4. jeez! that’s either a really scary school or a really hollywood school….

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