I love this man.

He carries my big, overstuffed, hot pink diaper bag AND has conversations like this with me on a daily basis…
Queen to Kaiser
“How was the Count’s bath? He seemed to enjoy the squirting dinosaur?!”

“Ooooh yeah. Anything that squirts water out of its mouth that he can use to try and squirt water INTO his penis…is good.”

While watching the end of the Angels Yankees game (may the Evil Empire rot in hell, by the way) the Kaiser begins to sing…kinda…
“Vlad Vlad Vlad the Impaler!”


“It’s a Gwar song. You know, for Vladimir Guerrero.”


  1. Any man who willingly carries around a pink diaper bag is a keeper!

  2. Who said anything about willingly?

  3. Ugh. I’m here to eat crow. Let’s Go Angels. At least I want the satisfaction of knowing the Yankees were beaten by the champs.

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