Mommyfabulous in progress

I’m trying my damnedest to be more Mommyfabulous. Its my new mission. My new motto. My new everything. BE MORE MOMMYFABULOUS. I’ve gotten into this mind set in part because of guilt. In part because of weight loss. And in part, because I always feel like I should be doing more than just nursing the Princess and sitting on my ass. While some of you might argue that nursing and sitting is just fine…and most days I agree…I can’t help but think that I can nurse and say, empty the dishwasher. OR, nurse and do a craft with the Count. Sure, I suck at crafts, but work with me here. So here goes. In my effort to be more Mommyfabulous I, the Queen of Spain, vow:

To try and actually brush my hair more than once a day. Even add a funky scarf or something.

To try and wear something other than sweatpants 4 times a week.

To try and turn OFF PBS kids and engage in play with the heirs to the throne.

To leave the house and play outside.

To only blog and goof around on the computer when the Princess is nursing.

To keep up with the dishes/laundry, etc. DAILY.

To get a pedicure and/or paint my toenails.

To read a book for myself instead of All Dr. Suess All the time.

Have more sex.

Today, for example, I actually pulled off to the side of the road after school to get out of the car and show the Count an actual, real life excavator. I’m feeling more Mommyfabulous already. Won’t you join me?


  1. Caroline Walker says:

    You are very MommyFabulous Darling! Even without trying!

  2. Looooooooooove my new best friend Caroline.

  3. I feel like I’m reading about myself!!!! I continually feel bad about all of those things – the true power of blogs is that you get to know your not alone!!!
    Way to go MommyFabulous!!!

  4. These are awesome goals. You made me laugh today, CHEERS !

  5. If you need any tips I am Mommyfabulous to the max darlink 🙂

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