The Queen Mother is coming! The Queen Mother is coming!

That means I’m cleaning. Like a maniac. Because despite the fact that she is my Mother and will clean for me when she gets here, I still want this palace to sparkle…at least for the first day she’s in town. It also means there is an air of stress floating around.
I’m stressed with cleaning. And the fact the Queen Mother has no idea I blog. I don’t mean to hide this from her, but due to my father’s illness I wanted a place to vent. And I knew if she read it, she’d cry more than usual. And be upset that I was upset. And so on and so on. My mother and I are very close. So its a little difficult to hide this from her. But one post about how I’m having a crappy day because of my father’s leukemia and she’d be destroyed emotionally for a month. So I’ll spend the next week sneaking into the office to post here, or I’ll let the Kaiser post some. The Kaiser says he’s making no promises, but I’m guessing he’ll be making his own brand of blog wise cracks on here before Wednesday. The Queen Mother’s impending arrival also means the Kaiser is stressed. He loves my mother, but she also makes him insane. He KNOWS she will arrive and proceed to rearrange the entire kitchen he, himself, unpacked. She also has a way of getting him to not play video games and instead, say, clean the garage. Houseboy is also in freak out mode. Because he’ll be introducing his new girlfriend to my mother. The girlfriend is already baking in preparation for the big meeting. I gotta hand it to her. She’s no dummy. They way to this family’s heart is most certainly through our stomachs. The Count is also stressed. Last night I had him make one of those goofy airport welcome signs for his Nana. After art all day at school, he had about had it with my pushing of the crayons. But, I prevailed. And now my mother can cry like a baby when she steps off the plane and sees her grandson holding a big, crayola “NANA” sign. I think the Princess may be the only one not stressed out. But we’re pretty sure she’s getting an ear infection from last week’s snotfest. So she’s too happy and hopped up on infant tylenol to notice all the chaos. So. Welcome Nana. I’m sure you’ll make us all nuts before your week here is out. I’m sure you’ll blow my diet to hell with your midwest cooking all week. I’m sure you’ll give my son waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much sugar. And I have no doubt I’ll be simultaneously cursing and praising you for the next 7 days.


  1. That’s one long ass paragraph.

  2. I dunno why my formatting didn’t work. Think you can do better? You’ve got all week.

  3. It’s nice that you have such a good relationship with your mother…although, why do we always kill ourselves cleaning before she arrives? I mean, isn’t it strange that we have to put on a show for own parents? Look ma, I’m not a screwup.

    I hope you have a great time during the visit.

  4. This is nothing compared to my INLAWS coming. I go completely insane trying to make sure there isn’t one speck of dust around. That’s a “I’m not screw up and YOUR SON is not a screw up for marrying me” situation.

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