Its FINALLY happened

I’ve gotten my very first bizarre Search that landed on my blog. Thanks to the sicko looking for naked Laurie Berkner photos???

freshman berkner naked picture

All other searches have, no doubt, disappointed many Spaniards looking for information on their monarchy.

The Queen Mother has landed. The whole “toddler holding up sign that reads, Nana in crayon” at the airport was a HUGE success. Even other random people from her flight were crying.

So far I’ve only wanted to kill her once. For commenting on how stained my carpet appears. I told her to feel free to steam clean it, or teach my toddler not to spill. Her choice.


  1. i have always wondered how you found out how you turned up in searches…

  2. Hah. Mothers will be mothers. Just remember how it feels when your kids are grown up and you go a-visiting. I know you swear to yourself now that you’ll be ultra cool, but….

  3. Oh, I have no doubt I’ll be a NIGHTMARE of a mother/mother in law. The good news is…right now, as I type, my mother is cleaing my kitchen and watching both kids. While I sneak in some blog time.

    dak-ind: site meter!

  4. The search words posts are always entertaining *smile*

  5. I’ll have to try the sign the next time my mom comes to visit, sounds like a great idea bound to make her cry…

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