Hands OFF Ladies

May all of your husbands leave for work this morning looking just as ridiculous. Happy Halloween. Yeah, I married him.


  1. H-O-T Hot.

  2. The man has been growing that stash for a good 2 weeks now. Just for today.

  3. mine’s been growing a stash for Halloween, too – I cannot WAIT for him to shave it off!!!

    love the tube socks. it’s a look.


  4. It’s not fake?

  5. I wish. I really, really wish. I also feel like he’s put more effort into this work costume than he has ANYTHING in a long, long time.

  6. the kaiser says:

    Yeeeeah. Growing facial hair takes soooo much effort.

  7. Hey, you’re the one always complaining how itchy it is and how you just gotta shave. So I will take it that its hard.

  8. HAHA, makes me glad mine is too lazt to dress up. however my husbadn wears a wonderful narrow little beard like paul jr from american chopper. i think its yummy.

  9. i just figured out who he looks like… did you see the movie “the royal tennebaums”? oh my god he looks like the brother who played tennis!

  10. I did not see that movie…but you’ve got me googling it…

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