Stepford gets a new wife

I did it. I’ve assimilated. I’m simultaneously lauding myself for participating and smacking myself for being so, so, so…soccer mom.

Last night I manned the raffle ticket table at our neighborhood Halloween party. There I am. In all my glory. Tearing those blue tickets. Who knew I had it in me? I’m really good at ripping them, too.

So why does this latest accomplishment of mine (and by latest accomplishment I mean–I showered AND shaved in one day, I fed the toddler something OTHER than spaghetti O’s) have me feeling so dirty?

Because I think I’m cooler than I really am. Because I think I’m somehow above or too cool to be the Mom in the minivan, helping out at the neighborhood Halloween party.

Yet I am the Mom in the minivan. Tearing the blue tickets. Helping out at the neighborhood Halloween party. Hrrrrrrrrmmmmph.


  1. you’re so funny, soccermom. 😉

    I drive a minivan, too (shhhh!)

  2. Laurie—I’m going to cry if your halscan doesn’t start working soo. I got married on THAT SAME boardwalk in St. Clair!

  3. Ok, typing with nursing baby makes for loads of mistakes. Sorry if that last comment wasn’t readable!

  4. I drive my minivan all the way to the raffle table, with “Shook Me All Night Long” cranked on the radio … windows down.

    Somehow I think THAT keeps me cool.

    I’m afraid I might be mistaken.

  5. Oh Christine! I know that one well! Pulled into Nursery School the other morning with Smashing Pumpkins!

  6. Oh – how I dream of driving a minivan…sigh…. I’m just getting up the nerve to drive my little grey Fiat Punto…

  7. I wonder why it’s not working for you.. everyone else has been able to comment. Weird.

    Wow, you got married on that boardwalk??? How cool!!! Had I known, I’d have taken more pics for your memories… Next bike ride, I promise – any requests? 🙂

  8. oh yeah, and I had no trouble reading your comment – I’ve done the “baby in the lap while typing” thing many times!

  9. You can’t believe you’re a soccer mom because who among us really thought that is how we would end up? I certainly didn’t dream of being the parent helper at preschool and cleaning paintbrushes…as for the minivan part, be thankful you have one! We can’t afford one at the moment, so we get to cram a 55 lb. dog in between 2 car seats in our chevy malibu…our poor dog is a saint!

  10. I can’t tell you how many mornings I wake up wondering how I got where I am. By that I mean three kids, carpool, and I’m excited if I go to Target by myself!

    Very funny stuff!

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