Patch Adams…not so much

My doctor is great. But he really has no sense of humor. At all. During my biopsy the nurses and I were yukking it up. And I was totally appreciative that they were playing along with me. When you are getting three needles jabbed (and when I say “jabbed” I’m really not kidding…they have to MOVE them around continuously to get a good sample) in your neck any sort of humor can really help the situation. The only time my very bland doctor cracked a smile was when I had to STOP him before the third and final needle insertion because he forgot the numbing spray. When there are needles going in your neck, believe me, you REMEMBER the numbing spray comes BEFORE the needle. Anyway. Thank you nurses everywhere for making jokes.

After the biopsy many conversations took place including this one with the Kaiser:

“…yeah, but if your dead, you won’t have to worry about it…”
“Ok, no making dying jokes after I’m being tested for cancer for a second time in a year.”
“…but it was funny”
“NOT funny.”
“A little funny…”

Then he went and got tequila, ibuprofin, and chocolate. So I guess I’ll keep him.


  1. I’ve had piercings, I’ve had tattoos.. but never a biopsy. There’s a difference between getting stabbed because you want to, and stabbed because you have to.

    Nurses are funny. Have to be.

    I’ll say a prayer for good news from your test… enjoy your trifecta of goodies.

  2. Thanks. Yeah. THe trifecta is working its magic as we speak. 7 days until results, not too worried. But a little worried 🙂

  3. When there are needles going in your neck, believe me, you REMEMBER the numbing spray comes BEFORE the needle.

    That made me laugh quite wholly!

  4. Oh wow. I’m so sorry you have to go through this right now. It’s hard when you’re life is a little chaotic but you have to be so present for your kids. I will lift up a prayer for you, even if you don’t believe ;). And yes, humor in such situations truly alieviates a great amount of stress.

  5. I luckily had a doc with a great sense of humour when I was having a chunk taken off the top of my head.

    Talked him into stiching it up front to back inside of side to side and got me a free brow lift!

    My ears were high enough already damn it.

    Good luck and throw back some chocolate for me.

  6. Also, props to the hubby on the tequilla! LOL!

  7. Oh keep him. He knows that ibuprofen makes the chocolate and tequila work much faster 🙂

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