No. Not gunna do it. Not. Gunna. Do. It.

I hate shopping. I haaaaate shopping. I’m not going. And you can’t make me.


  1. lol. i love shopping! The day after thanksgiving is the best time to go. Although my trip this year was postponed

  2. Yes, sorry about your Grandma sweetie.

    And you’re crazy. Shopping the day after is just like torture!

  3. I always REFUSE to go out on Black Friday.

  4. Just seeing that buggy gave me the creeps!!

  5. Thta’s pretty much how I felt about the shopping this morning too.

  6. It ain’t so bad Feb 1 – November 23rd each year. 😉

  7. On another note, that’s one hell of a shopping cart picture.

  8. I’m with you! I hate shopping, but I particularly hate shopping in crowded stores. Never!

  9. I hate, hate, hate grocery shopping. Even when I actually have a list, I’m always forgetting something and going up and down the aisles with no rhyme or reason. It’s like being trapped in a maze of yummy food I can’t eat!

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