Who knew?? Good thing I never use it.

Trusty SwordYup. That’s my freaking breast pump.


  1. Ha!

    I was gonna say….

    I have one of those, too….
    better he use it for fun, than you use it as an instrument of SHEER TORTURE!!!

  2. LOLOL I can only imagine what mine will do…. LOLOL…

  3. Yeah, I was wondering about that. LOL! I guess there are worse uses than those.

  4. Too perfect:)

  5. hahahahahhahahaha!
    That is great!
    He is going to die the day he figures out what that thing is!

  6. At least he did not start playing with a vibrator! That would really truly be funny…

    But my baby brother used my tampons as cannons when he built lego castles… I tease him about that to this day…

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