…Because crazy people do not need reasons to be crazy

That’s a melted Ipod firewire cord.
That’s a burn mark on my carpet.
There were fumes that made me dizzy.
There were raised voices…Panicking when we couldn’t figure out where said fumes were coming from.
There was a tragic house fire around the corner from us just a few weeks ago.
This all happened just before we went to bed.

Being me, I wanted to unplug anything remotely flammable for the rest of our lives.

I then confided in the Kaiser it’s possible I have more anxiety than a normal person and should maybe call a doctor.

This feeling of wanting to keep everyone you love, safe forever…The mother part, is making me crazy. If I could just control the universe I think, maybe then, I’d be able to sleep.


  1. Holy Crap! That sucks. I am already paranoid of fires, now I have even more to worry about.

  2. You just hit my #1 fear – I’m always terrified of the house burning down. I have a compulsive obsession to go around the entire house before bed and make sure every possible electronic device is off. If I’m having a particularly fire-phobic night, I unplug several items as well.

    How scary for you. I’m glad you were able to find the cause, with only minor damage done.

    Now I’m scared as hell to leave anything plugged into my computer’s USB ports.

  3. Ok, so you guys are already making me feel less crazy. Thank you!

  4. My dad had a horrible fire last year because the toaster was plugged in. They weren’t using it, they were all in bed.

    Luckily my brother was still awake (it was after midnight) and woke everyone else up and they got out OK.

    The firefighters said that it was actually a pretty common type of fire, the toaster just shorts out and starts heating and doesn’t stop.

    You’re not crazy, just alert.

  5. Dear QOS,

    How did you handle the situation so calmly? (ha!)

    Her Majesty would have freaked out totally. You must share your coping mechanism with the Queen of The World.

    Very truly yours,

  6. I’m afraid of fires, a robber breaking in and hurting us, my kid running into the street and getting hit by a car, my son falling off his bike and getting a brain injury… uhh… I’d just say… Join the club! LOL!

  7. Fire is one of my biggest fears. I had no idea this could happen! I am so sorry! Hugs and comfort to you.

  8. Lordy, do I know the feeling….

    I’ve always said the hardest part of being a mom is trying to accept that I cannot protect my child(ren) forever – not physically, mentally or emotionally. The heart break I feel every time I consider this is as if I am realizing it for the first time.

  9. Gee, thanks Jen. Not only did I pull out any unneccary cables from my computer, now I just unplugged my toaster, too. 😉

  10. YIKES! I was pretty nervous when they recalled the power source for my computer…I still unplug it when I am not using it!

  11. Jeez.. I never unplug anything.

    Until now.

    Glad that you caught it in time!

  12. i used to be married to a fire fighter. you would be stunned the smount of things that can cause a fire. this is the first ipod induced burn mark i have seen, but i will be sure to get after my number one son about where he leaves it plugged in at! (his old cell phone charger would heat up rather scarily and it couldnt be left on the carpet when charging!)

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