She is strong
She is mother
She is wife
With child on her back
her front
her side
Riding alongside her life
sometimes wondering why or how
she found
her way to this place of fear and love
The loss of self into the other self
The smaller self
Tiny only in size
But on her side
Near her side
By her side
Always her Tribe.

They come from East
from across the sea
With a force
Forcing dark back
and only then does she stand tall
taller than dark or light
Lighting the dark
with a force.

She is strong
She is mother
She is wife
She is never alone.
Before her they came
by her they came
After her they will come
Lighting the dark
with a force

Always her Tribe.


  1. the kaiser says:

    A haiku for my wife:

    Hey tribal lady
    A great poem you got there
    It’s pot pie time now

  2. I love your haiku’s
    now one for you:

    Hey Kaiser baby
    A great flu puke we got here
    couch would be wiser

  3. You are so talented (well, both of you actually). I love these pieces 🙂

    Queen of Spain is cool
    She has tons of talent to share
    I love to visit!

  4. See, I got all Ya Ya with that poem. I came downstairs this morning to a pant load of comments and was so touched it just kinda poured out of me. Then the Kaiser gets goofy and we’re back down to earth.

    So I think we’re more goofy than talented.

  5. That’s the Ya Ya spirit kiddo. 🙂 Great writing and I am gonig to keep that one!!!! Very WELL put! 🙂

  6. Wow! You wrote that?

    I’m such an entertainment dork that when I read it I figured it was the lyrics to some new hit song or something… you know, something that everyone but me would recognize? 🙂

    Very, very cool! I’m impressed!

  7. I can just hear Maya Angelou reading this. Very good job, Queen!

  8. Very nice!

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