My closet knows the truth

I just spent 40 minutes looking for an “I’m not crazy” top to wear.

I started with a v-neck sweater, but decided the embedded imprint of the rectangle Target “L” tag running under my left boob might not work. Coupled with the hanger mark on the right shoulder, it screamed “not together.”

Then a pink, long sleeve shirt. But upon noticing the stain hovering around the belly button I thought that might be a dead giveaway that I slacked in the laundry department for awhile.

I landed on jeans, a white t-shirt, and a sweater coat I haven’t worn in ages. Add my glasses and I now look like a clinical pyschologist. Or a professor. So I guess the doctor today will just think I’m suffering from delusions of being something I’m not instead of post partum…

Only a crazy person spends this much time trying not to look crazy.


  1. Awww I hope today goes ok. Sounds more like a first day but sadly, sigh. I did the same LOLOL…. I was working when I was going so I was wicked dressed up, as a teacher, and people were like..uh…what are you doing? lOL??

  2. All the shirts I own have crazy written all over them. Don’t feel bad. I think that’s all Old Navy and Walmart (the 2 clothes stores in my town) sell these days. Hope it went well.

  3. Now if you can analyze your entire wardrobe, I’d be impressed. Hope it went well today. I’m not sure if I own any sane clothes. I know for certain that my David Bowie tshirt, and my Alice in Wonderland shirt don’t fall under the sane category.

  4. Heh…I dressed up when I went to the doc to discuss my depression as well. I’d love to see a study done that tests if most women try to dress not-crazy when seeking help for depression.

    Good luck at the visit. Hope it goes well.

  5. I guess they should really ask the following:

    1) Do you feel like hurting yourself or others?

    2) How long did it take you to pick a shirt out today?


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