8pm Count Waffles announces he will sleep in his room. In his bed.
815pm Princess Peanut asleep.
830pm The Kaiser moves toddler bed from master bedroom to nursery.
845pm Storytime in toddler bed underway
9pm Count Waffles announces he no longer wishes to sleep in his own room, in his own bed
915pm Everyone back in Mommy and Daddy’s bed
930pm Count Waffles chatting away. Peanut asleep
10pm Count Waffles visits Daddy downstairs to rock in rocking chair, talk
1045pm Peanut awakes, Count Waffles returns to Mommy’s and Daddy’s bed
11pm Count Waffles asleep, Peanut awake
12am Peanut awake with fever, motrin given
1am Peanut awake with fever
2am Peanut awake with fever, is stripped to diaper
230am Peanut awake with fever, tylenol piggybacked on motrin
315am Peanut asleep
325am Mommy finally asleep
345am Count Waffles awake and announces he’s peed the bed
4am Count Waffles changed, Mommy (who feels pee on her arm) changed, towel laid on pee spot while Peanut and Daddy sleep
415am Count Waffles, Mommy, Peanut, and Daddy asleep
530am Peanut begins coughing but does not wake
6am coughing continues
615am more coughing
630am more coughing
645am Mommy gets out of bed with coughing Peanut to get her elevated, and so as not to wake Count Waffles, Kaiser
7am Mommy blogs with Peanut
715am Mommy wonders about BlogHer in July…anyone going?


  1. sounds like one hell of a night honey!!

    hope peanutt gets better!!!

    hmm blogher.. are you going?

  2. Hope you manage to take a nap sometime today! Poor Peanut- how’s the temp/coughing now? As for Blogher, nope. Not me.

  3. M’Lady, get some rest. You earned it. I hope all calms and recovers well soon!

  4. Rest??? What is this rest you speak of?

  5. if it was closer, I would go. It’s in Cali, though, right?? I’m saving up for my big 30 party (LOL, I’m throwing it for myself)… in Philly.

  6. Sarah (of Goon Squad fame) and I are considering going. But we’re looking for others…….

  7. I’m exhausted just reading that!

    I considered BlogHer (I am going to TequilaCon ’06 in NY in April – not quite as prestigious, but fun).

    Is there room still? And Hotels?

  8. How strange. Feels like you’re challenging life at our house. Must be a full moon or something.

    We had a VERY SIMILAR night, only without fever, and in place of fever, well, we had other problems.

    When we finally woke up at 7:48, Brad Jr. and Agassi in bed with me, Brad sleeping on the sofa. Again.


    Me tired too.

  9. Oh, you poor, poor woman. I shed a tear for you and all sleepless moms… been there and it SUCKS ASS.

  10. Ew. Been there, done that! Get some rest when you can!

  11. Ugh, sounds like a lousy night. Hope the Peanut feels better soon, and I hope you get the chance to get some rest.

    As for Blogher, I’d love to go, but California is just too far for me this year. We’re poor.

  12. Poor little girl! I’ll bet that you are exhausted! Interrupted sleep is worse than no sleep at all, in my opinion.

    I hope everyone gets some rest tonight!

    **One of the few downfalls of the “family bed”…PEE! LOL

  13. Ohhhh that’s terrible. I’m so sorry. That’s awful. I haven’t had a night like that since Bubba left the germ factory, day care. Ugg. Hugs to you.

    As for BlogHer… i shall be birthing a child during the summer can’t make it but sounds fun!

  14. As if we’re not too tired, I got tagged, so I figured I send it your way too.

    At least this one is uplifting.


  15. Oh, I hate those nights… hope the little one feels better soon!

    I just peeked at the blogher site; where is this convention in July going to be held? I’m always up for a trip! 😉

  16. Oh, my! Been there, done that! Yuck.

    Hope she gets over it quick and does not share.

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