Seriously. Peanut hairwatch 2006 continues.
It’s just getting worse.
Which is more unfortunate…the squiggy/old balding lady/receding hairline hair…or the silly bear hat?

I think I’m doing a photo post to avoid the latest and greatest chapter of “Mamma is crazy“-let’s just say the plan of attack has changed and I’m emotionally spent from the rollercoaster. I’ll post about it later.

Right now I’m much more concerned with the state of my daughter’s hair. I have to admit, it totally fits her budding personality. And it matches the inside of her mother’s head.


  1. Every piece of children’s clothing should have animal ears!

  2. I’m with nanette!
    Once they get past a certain age and/or stage (never known when that is personally)the funny hairdo’s and cute clothes just aint funny and cute anymore. Go with it while you can!

  3. I changed our bloggy profile picture so Peanut doesn’t feel alone in her crazy hair-ness! Some kids just can’t win!

  4. I like the lid, she looks like a little punk rocker chick 😉

  5. LOL you poor thing. I’m sorry it’s been a terrible week. Let’s all run, run far to the beaches with white sand shores and men who serve us drinks–oh– mine virgin as I’m prego but still..Ahh….

  6. I had crazy hair well into the age of two. Wild and crazy. But the pictures of me at that age are adorable. It works with Peanut, so just go with it. If you can add a few barrets (Not sure length of hair-wise if it would work), and give her craizy hairdos, all the better. Then you can whip out dozens of embarassing hair pictures whenever objectionable boys come to date her.

  7. Love the hair, and the hat. Both are perfect on her. What a great age on the cuteness scale.

  8. K2 used to look like a monk or a 50 year old balding man. Then she got swirly hair that never looked neat.

    Eventually, it grew. Still is messy, but so can she be 🙂

  9. Oh..my…God – SO cute!!!!

    My son’s hair didn’t lay down (lie down?) for well over a year (hell, he’s 15 and it STILL doesn’t lie down (lay down?)!

  10. Her hair is fantastic. She is beatiful. Don’t worry!!!!

  11. My little niece had “unfortunate” hair for the first year of her life. In the front it was reddish-brown, thick, and curly. In the back it was almost non existent, and wiry, and blond. You couldn’t do ANYTHING to make it look better.
    She’s now two and has the most BEAUTIFUL copper colored ringlets you’ve ever seen, her hair is almost all the way down her back. I swear the kid looks like she spent all day with her hair in rollers.
    You’re daughter is beautiful… and right now her hair simply makes her look more interesting.

    It’ll work itself out, and in the mean time, enjoy the fuzzy ears while they last. Get tons of pictures… you’ll need them to blackmail her with when she wants to take “Tankâ€Â? to the prom!

  12. Her hair is fantastic. She is beatiful. Don’t worry!!!!

  13. …you know, I van never spell beautiful!

  14. …I also don’t seem to able to spell anything tonight!!!

  15. Okay, so how old is Princess Peanut? Not yet a year, right? So, my daughter, Maura (rhymes with Laura), will be three in May. She’s bald. Well, she kind of has the “monk” thing going with a little hair on the sides, but nothing on top. Her hair won’t even hold baby barettes. My husband took my son to get his haircut at my husband’s sister’s salon. Maura was in tow. She looked at her hair and asked who the heck had cut her hair like that?! It’s never been cut, people! It grew like that, and we’ve been waiting for almost 3 years for something to happen. Nothing! I’ve asked the pediatrician for a Rx for Rogaine. He said to give it some more time. 🙂

  16. Have you SEEN my boy’s hair?? Really, your daughter’s pales in comparison.

    He’s going for the “baby einstein” look.

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