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You can take the girl out of Detroit…

Happy Super Bowl Sunday. I think I will spend the day hoping my hometown just doesn’t do anything stupid. Do me proud Motor City.


  1. Wow…you just made me feel homesick:(

    Not that I’d WANT to move back or anything, but you know what I mean right?

    It’s a trip to look back at the “old days” isn’t it? Makes me feel old though…for some reason I never actually thought I’d turn 30!

    And now….a little trip down memory lane…………Get togethers at Don’s house, get togethers at my house, CANADA!! Ahhh…the good old days huh? It was a blast and yet I wouldn’t trade my life now for anything in this world!!

    Ugh! I can’t even believe I’m up this late!!


    Please don’t embarass us!!

  3. Yeah – I lived there for 3 years and went to grad school (nononono blue and yellow for me…) there.

  4. It’s been all “Super Bowl this” and “Super Bowl that” for the past week (and more). I can’t even get local weather and traffic in the morning because some numnut is standing in the darkened parking lot of Ford Field at 5am talking about an event that isn’t happening for 6 days! Arrrgggh!

    Hopefully, the city will do us all proud. I know they were hoping for snow for the past week so the events they had planned for downtown could occur (sledding, tubing, dog sleds, etc). No snow. It’s been 40-45 degrees. Until last night. About 6 inches.

    I live about an hour out of the city, so the crowds and traffic don’t really affect us, but I’ve heard (and seen on the news)that it’s completely crazy Downtown.

    My 5 year old keeps seeing “XL” on the TV and asking what it is. He knows it’s important or exciting or something because of all the hype whenever they show it. My husband (a total NON-sports nut) thought he’d show him a little bit of the game tonight (providing that Mick Jagger doesn’t have a wardrobe malfunction…ewwww!).

    Rock on, Detroit!

  5. My brother (who is 5 years younger than I am) said most of his buddies have been taking shuttles downtown and the city looks amazing. Parties everywhere. Supposedly all of downtown is just one big party.

    Totally homesick.

  6. Are you from actual “Detroit” or suburb of? I’m from Farmington/Farmington Hills/Novi/Northville and went to high school in Southfield! Nice to see a fellow “Detroiter” out there! I miss certain aspects of it… Jewish Deli, MiddleEastern food, good theaters and productions, good shopping but I don’t miss the crazed driving, the angry people and hurried feel of life. Now I live in West Michigan and life feels simpler… but sometimes my big city girl misses the old days and has to visit!

  7. St. Clair Shores. Grosse Pointe. Eastside represent!

  8. Whooo Hooo!!!

    I TOTALLY miss all the things Shay just mentioned….I miss things, and yet I DON’T want to live there again. Can you feel me Erin??

  9. I soooooooooooooo feel you. Love it, and hate it, and miss it, and don’t miss it…it’s such a huge mixed bag of emotions. If I HAD to, I’d go back…but I don’t think I’d ever choose to go back. But I do miss it. But I don’t. But I do.

    See what I mean?

  10. That SO perfectly sums up how I feel too!

  11. Eastside representin’ here! 🙂

    So far, nobody’s done anything stupid; there was one shooting outside a bar on Woodward the other night, but so far, that’s about it.

    We’re buried in about 6″ of snow today – it’s lookin’ like Michigan in the wintertime.

    I’ve stayed away from the melee’ downtown – I hate crowds, the parking is a nightmare (we thought about doing the shuttle thing, but with two kids.. nah) and expensive when you can find it.

    And I haven’t gone to any parties; I refuse to spend $100 – $500 to wait in line to get in the door of an overcrowded bar to maybe get a glimpse of P.Diddlyfuck! And the Playboy party was invite only 😉

    Yeah, Detroit looks “beautiful” – if you’re in the direct vicinity of the stadiums, Greektown, etc.. go outside that radius, and you are in Baghdad. I heard that they bussed the homeless out of the area and put them up in hotels to get them off the street (normally you can’t walk down the street in Greektown or the Fox District without someone begging for money, and God knows that wouldn’t look good for the Superbowl week), and that disgusts me. What will they do with those people when SB is over? Dump them right back out on the street… The Detroit that the out of towners are seeing this weekend is all a facade.

    I’ll be glad when it’s over because I’m sick of the media hype; I can’t turn on the local news to hear news – it’s all Superbowl this, and what “celebrity” is in town, blah blah blah..

    Go Steelers 🙂 And dear God don’t let Aretha Franklin have a “wardrobe malfunction”.

  12. Grew up in Warren/Sterling Heights. Now my family and I live in Hartland Township (Howell mailing address)…anyone know where that is?

  13. I lived in West Bloomfield (cheap apt during grad school) and I miss LASHISH… That’s about it… I liked it but I’m an east coast gal at heart.

  14. I don’t care who wins but I LOVE THE ROLLING STONES!

  15. Lucky for me, the Superbowl completely passed me over. I forgot it was today, and now it’s already over. Darn.

    You know, I don’t even know the teams.

    And you bet I like it that way.

  16. Turned out to be a great game! Great blog here! I’ll be reading. Have a great week!

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