We’re on day three of All Madagascar, ALL THE TIME.

Make it fucking stop.

Someone come over here and rip it out of my DVD player. Because, apparently, I am powerless against the toddler.

“Mommy! My NEW movie! Oh! It’s my BEST! I love it very, very much!”

Alison over at Aliblog had a great post on Toddler OCD a while back. And since my brain is mush from too many Count dance party’s to “I like to move it, move it,” sung by a lemur, she may have more insight than I do.

So far, Madagascar has taught Count Waffles that the word “underwear” is freaking hilarious.

What did you say?

But it’s also brought out that really fun toddler trait of questioning everything.

Mommy, Why did those penguins just fly? Penguins don’t fly.
Mommy? What did he do? Did he bite his butt??
Mommy are they in a boat? Oh, is that a big boat??
Mommy do I loooove this new movie my best?

I can’t really tell you if this movie is any good. I’m numb to it. All I know is when the lemur sings, I am required to get up from where ever I may be sitting and shake my ass.


  1. I have nothing but sympathy for you, since I could recite that entire film backwards and in piglatin since it has been etched into my brain, just as it has in yours, by my very demanding 4 year old duo.

    I don’t like to move it, move it. Seriously, I don’t. And yet, several times a day…I am ‘moving it’ all over the living room.

  2. Oh you just wait. Just wait till he is obsessed with Teen Titans, GI Joe, and Transformers. Everything blows up. Everything is destroyed. Everything goes BOOM or EXPLODES. Suddenly everything is a missile launcher, sword, gun, scanner (to scan for bad guys of course)– this is when my expensive pink bra from Victoria’s became a sling shot. The songs. The hair bands– god why the hair bands? AT least Mad. has semi decent songs…oh …. just wait.



  3. I have to go upstairs to my 3yr old whenever they do the dentist office scene in Finding Nemo when Darla is screaming. I’ll never get my kid to sit in the dentist chair again. Last week it was all Monsters, Inc. This week we’re featuring “The Dinosaur Fish Movie” named for the fish that comes after Marlin and Coral in the beginning. Yeah, good times for all mammas!

  4. See, if I would have known this I would have bought a singing lemur years ago. Shake it like a Polaroid picture.

  5. I went through that about 3 weekends ago. My 5 year olds even influenced my 17 month old to shake his bottom everytime they even just SAY “I like to move it, move it.”

    The one phrase that keeps being repeated…even now is “It’s cracka-lakin’!” Not sure if I spelled that correctly, but can you believe that little gem isn’t in the dictionary?

  6. I’ll trade you Madagascar for the Muppets? She really doesn’t even like the first season muppets dvd we got her (to provide US with some f’n variety) – just the same damn 30 minute tape that I now call PIG HELL.

  7. There’s a very good reason why I got my kids their own DVD player this Christmas. I know it sounds bad, but at this point, it was a last-ditch effort to save what little sanity I have left. I have watched 3 years of Pokemon, 3 years of CareBears, and 2 years of Dora the Explorer. Not separately, they squish them all together and trade off weekly if I’m lucky.
    ps. I like to move it move it.

  8. if it isn’t my 2 year old watching Dora, it’s my 4 year old watching Nightmare before Christmas or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

    The 4 year old knows how to operate the DVD player. So when we’re not looking….

    Nothing like going through the day with that damn “This is Halloween” tune stuck in your head.

  9. I’m old enough to have survived too many years of Barney. And yet? He’s still on. EVERY DAY. With the same voice that just gets me every time. And not in a good way. If I’m in the room I take a deep cleansing breath and remind myself not to look at the screen , because that will only make it worse.

  10. Ooh ooh! Now you can teach him the immortal, “Hey count, what are you eating under there?” “Under where?” “Ha! You’re eating underwear, ha ha ha ha! I made you say underwear, ha ha ha!”

    That’s one of the things I love about homeschooling, I get to be the one to teach my kids this stuff. It’s hilarious when the person doing it isn’t trying to be mean. Of course, it sounds really bad when they’re explaining it to their Sunday School teacher as “this really funny thing my mom said.” Oh well, can’t win ’em all!

    As for Madagascar, I’d take anything over those whiney trains, I keep hoping someone will wreck Thomas for good… I think that’s just because it’s what I’ve got going on here, I’m sure Madagascar is just as bad…

  11. Whew…I don’t have to deal with that quite yet, thank goodness.

    However, I’ve been known to get up and dance with the Wiggles to entertain my little Wiggles fan. Oh yeah, I can point my fingers and do the twist, and I’m all over the Wiggle Groove.

  12. Tell CW Brad Jr/ agrees. Until of course some mentions Shark Tale … oh shit man … they just don’t end.

    Did I tell you that we got kittens????? Its as close as we’ll get to a dog, so I have to settle … but in citing Jr’s movie obsession they’re named OSCAR and ANGIE!!!

    Happy Friday.

  13. ps i need the html to add the blogher banner, but i can’t find it. can you send it to me? or stop by and drop it off please?

  14. I won’t TELL you how many times I watched “Monsters, Inc.” and “Shrek”.

    I think I dreamed them, in their entirety, for about a year afterwards.

  15. I feel for you, we are currently on a Little Einsteins/Lazy Town kick. Been a few months now. Ugh. And isn’t your butt still sore from that bikini wax you just got — and now your kids want you to shake it, move it move it?? That’s just cruel.

  16. come see MY videos. Much better.

  17. I’m getting mine started on Star Wars. We watched Return of the Jedi last night and they are watching A New Hope right now. As far as Madagascar goes, “Of course we’re going to throw poo at them.” I probably recite that line more than the kids.

  18. I”m lucky, so far obsessions in our house have been Shrek and then Robots. Both movies that I happen to love. I think some of the shine came off them when mummy began watching more than her!!!

  19. (Sam Kenison voice): Oh, thank God it’s over……..we’re not watching it AGAIN!! NO, don’t make that sound….NO please don’t start……oh WILL IT NEVER END?!?!? I’M IN MADAGASCAR HELL!!!! OH! OOOHHHHHH!!!!

    The only solution we’ve found is to get different movies. Distract them from one to the next, and spend a lot of money. You’ll understand when you hit day 6 of Madagascar….

  20. My sweet husband (yeah, that guy posting right above me), bought Madagascar the day it came out for Will. The first five times, the movie was okay. We have a 2.5 foot high Alex, that is only slightly smaller than Will. He has Madagascar shoes, clothes, underwear, figurines, and a sippy cup. However, Will does use “Alex” to help himself when he is afraid. A nice little self-regulation tool.

    Our problem is less the videos and more the programming on Sprout and Noggin. The shows that I enjoy on there, don’t seem to be Will’s favorites.

  21. I have some snow pics up! I ‘ll put more up later. 🙂


  22. And apparently I stand corrected, after 3 viewings yesterday…the word is “underpants” not “underwear.” Oh well.

  23. It’s a cute movie, but I can see your pain about having to watch it over and over and over again with the Count. 🙂 When my kids were toddlers, they had the same OCD. I can’t tell you how many times I saw “The 5th Element” (Big-Badda-Boom movie mommy…again, AGAIN!) and many more that shall remain nameless lest their mere mention of their names wreak havoc in my own household….

    Be not afraid, they DO grow out of this OCD stage….

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