’cause we are living in a material world…

Some houses have their “Good Night Moon” and “the Cat in the Hat.”

We have the Thomas the Tank Engine catalog. Count Waffles is obsessed.

For 4 full days, naps included, he’s wanted to “read” the catalog before he goes to sleep. He likes to point out what he “has at home” and what he would like to have at home. These toddlers, not so good with the subtle.

This whole thing has the Kaiser and I a little worried the Count maybe has too much. He’s so focused on what he has and what he wants and what a friend has.

Did we do that?

I certainly didn’t try to do that. I don’t give him everything he asks for. He wants a turtle for his birthday.

He’s not getting a turtle.

But we will drop a stupid amount of money to ride Thomas, again. Last year the Count nearly had kittens when he saw Thomas chugging down the tracks.

So maybe we are suckers. And I should just get comfortable with the idea of spoiled brats now, instead of later.


  1. Hmmm… how about calling them goal oriented and ambitious instead of spoiled brats? You were media, it’s ALL about the spin! 🙂

  2. LOL. I like what Andria said.

    HEre’s what we’ve done. By the time Bubba hit three I wanted to puke at how much he had. For being a single momma, this kid was spoiled. More by grandparents and my friends than myself, but I didn’t stop them. So after his third birthday party we decided to start sorting through stuff he didn’t use anyomre and bagging it up for Salvation Army. I explained to him that other kiddos needed to toys too and since he got a ton of new ones, some needed to be passed on. Honestly, it didn’t take much explaining.

    I still think he’s spoiled but I hope that giving away some of his things three or so times a year will help him.

    Who knows. LOL.

    Hugs & woah nelly is that a big Thomas!


  3. My kids also have way to much, due to too many grandparents, great grandparents, aunts, etc… I think there is a big difference between being spoiled & being spoiled brats. I am ok with the spoiled, as long as they are not brats. I make sure that they do not get something everytime we go shopping, so that they won’t expect it. Also, Justin used to sleep with a costume catalog so that he could dream about all of the costumes he wanted!

  4. The giving to Salvation Army is great. We do that with our kids. When they accumulate too much, we have them pick some stuff to get rid of. They know they’re helping some other poor kid who doesn’t have enough money for this or that. We started when Katherine was 4 and Gary 9.

  5. Ok, Thomas the Train is coming to our neck of the woods in May. Tickets cost 16 bucks a pop, plus a 12 dollar surcharge for being suckers…so 16 times 4 people, is…whatever. Quite a bit of money. Tell me, is it worth it? Should I buy tickets for a 20 minute ride on Thomas? Know I shouldn’t waste the money, but…

  6. Tunia-it was worth it for us, if only to see the look on the Count’s face. He really, really was happy to see the real thomas. Thomas will be here end of April, and we’re paying it again. For us it was a 40 minute ride. In a straight line. Stupid, yes…but it was fun.

  7. We went on the ride, and it was quite fun. Of course, Will enjoyed the giant “Thomas” store event more. Yes, it is a material world.

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