the flu can suck it

They took me down. All of them. Bastards.

Everyone in this house has been sick and I managed to avoid the spew for a good 10 days.

But not anymore.

Despite my flu shot in October, I have the flu. I think a truck running over me would be an improvement at this point.

SlushTurtle wrote to say us Hippo Dieters should post some good recipes to share. Today might be a good day to do that, since I’m not feeling very bloggy.

So while you guys talk about food, here are some photos to ponder…

if you talk about how your daughter’s hair is finally laying down…it will, inevitably, stand up again. Your husband will bake, for the first time ever, the week you start your diet.


  1. First of all, I’m not the one who bought the mix the previous day. Nor was I the one who started baking that same day only to find out I didn’t have all the ingredients and then PROMISE my son to bake the following day. That is not poor planning on my part. I’m also not the one who went over to the cupcakes to apply MORE frosting on top of the frosting that I put on them. All I did was keep a promise to a 2 year old. So there. [sticks tongue out at you…notices you getting aroused by it…puts tongue back in mouth and returns to work]

  2. I don’t think discussing food is a good idea at this point. I may stab someone with a spork.

  3. What I mean to say was “low fat” diet type recipes.

    As for the Kaiser. Yes, I bought the cupcakes. But I had every intention of making them Before the diet began. Yes, it was my fault we didn’t have enough eggs. And yes, I did add more frosting…but that is only because your amount of frosting was laugable. I could see through it and it didn’t even reach the edges! You, my love, are no cupcake froster.

  4. Ew, yuck… feel better soon!!!

    At least I won’t catch anything from you next week, LOL.. 😉

    Good luck w/the diet – you are a brave girly posting that pic – but then, it’s not so bad.


  5. Feel Better!

    1 Chocolate Graham Cracker
    1 TBSP fat free cool whip

    Break graham cracker in half
    Spread cool whip on one half
    Top with other half
    Place in freezer
    Allow to set for about an hour or so

    YUMMY 1 point (for WW) snack!

    You can make the whole box, stick them all on a cookie sheet and then after they are frozen put them all in a ziploc bag and your freezer is stocked with a low-fat, low-point, yummy snack.

    (In desperate times you can eat them before the cool whip is frozen!)

  6. Mine’s too long for a comment- you can see it on my blog.

    It’s Zippy Chicken Coleslaw, by the way…

  7. Blah. Feel better soon. I had it for like two weeks. IT SUCKED.
    And I’m posting a picture the hubby just took of me all tubby and preggo. It’s insane. I’ll be joining your diet late summer. LOL.

  8. Wow, you’re like the zillionth person I’ve heard of who had a flu shot this year and then got the flu anyway. My SIL’s doctor said that almost everyone who got the shot this year got a “mini-flu,” but SIL said there was nothing “mini” about what they got in their household.

  9. Uh… does it make me evil that I like her hair standing up better? She so frickin’ adorable like that! Not to many little muffin girls could get away with that but she pulls it off with flying colors! Screw the haters!

  10. 1 can of corn with juice
    1 can diced tomatoes
    1 can Ro*Tel (I use a half of a can) so it’s not so spicy
    1 can Low fat vegetable soup (I use healthy choice)
    1 can 99% FF Hormel Turkey Chile with beans

    Dump everything together in a pan and heat. It’s a WW thing that works out to be 2 points for 1 cup. I thin it out by adding a can of green beans and a half can of water and it’s 1 point per cup. We call it 5 can soup (how original, right?) It’s easy and it tastes great, I love it!

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