Grumble Grumble Grumble-the sequel

There once was a baby Princess
With Pink antibiotics all over her dress
The goo from her ear
ran from hither to near
And made more than her hair a mess.

There was a Countacular boy
who insisted he got a new toy
Because of the green puss
caused by influenza B fuss
that caused the family no joy.

There once was a Kaiser so great
Who once again got to work late
Because he drove Queen
And children and things
To the pediatrician where we all did wait.

And then there is our heroine Queen
trying to Paxil the mean
from 8 days of Flu
Now infections too
While inlaws and parents convene.

Yes, a party for children will proceed
Despite ear, throat, and sinus mucus speed
We will have ice cream cake
and eat pizza (let’s not talk of weight)
While the children unwrap toys with greed.

Nana and Gramps arrive tomorrow
With Grandma and Grandpa to follow.
There is cleaning to be done
and a war to be won
Against this influenza sorrow.


  1. oh, queen. You are my hero. Hang in there!!

  2. Hey, you said this poem was for me! This isn’t for me. If it was for me it would be more like:

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    When the kids fall asleep
    I’m ****ing you!

  3. Just because it wasn’t ALL about you, doesn’t mean it wasn’t FOR you.

    And the kids are never falling asleep. Ever. At least, that’s what this flu seems to do to them. 10 minutes at a time.

  4. So sorry for you!

  5. Sending get well vibes to the Castle and its occupants!

    So did you get my pre-arrival snow, or what? 😉

  6. *Standing up and applauding*


    (Get well soon!)

  7. Oh man… SUCKAGE! Wishing you all well soon. At least the kids should be on the mend now that they have medicine, right? I hope so! Call in some emergency cleaners and then hand the kids over to the grandparents when they arrive – hee hee!

  8. Yummy. LOL

  9. May the force be with you brave queen! Hang in there!

  10. How cute are those clothes that are on your little girl?????
    And… did it snow?

  11. LMAO at Kaiser’s comment!

    You’re a very poetic Queen…didja know that?


  12. All will be ok. My prognosis is that your Funny Bone is still in working order. No cast or resetting is necessary.

    You may resume all activities. And just because I know you are wondering, YES, sex is ok. Ha! Wait till the Kaiser reads THAT. He’ll owe me.

  13. You WIN! That was GREAT!

    I hope you are all feeling better soon, I hate it when the family is sick.

  14. The two poems are priceless, especially when taken together. Great!

  15. That was so sweet!

    Wish you all get well as soon as soon as possible…

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