Happy Birthday Count Waffles the Terrible

3. 3. Three. three. THREE.

He’s 3 today.

I want to go on and on saying things like “where did the time go?” and “how did he get so big?” but I’ll spare you.

Instead, let me lament a bit about the bundle of emotions that is a 3-year-old. That picture there-that’s a good one. Because you can see the stress and tension in his face. It’s over how to get cake on his fork. The Dora fork, NOT the Spiderman fork. And the cake is on the THOMAS plate, NOT a yellow plate.

Had some fool tried the Spiderman fork or a yellow plate, God help them. God help them.

There are good parts too my interweb friends, don’t let me fool you. He now can tell me how much he loves me. Did you know he loves me inside, AND outside, AND EVERYWHERE? That includes all the way to the moon and back. You see, I’m his best Mom. Red is his best color. And circles are his best shape.

This also means he can tell me to go away. And not to look at him. He really prefers I keep his sister a good three arm lengths away at all times. Oh, and she’s not allowed to speak. Or cry. Or touch anything. Even if it’s hers.

We’re going to watch “A Bug’s Life” about 3 times today. And we’re going to be outside gardening. He’s requested a Happy Meal for lunch, and chicken hot dogs for dinner. We’ll even go to the park, since the clouds seem to have finally parted around here.

We’re also going to try underwear. Again. We’ve hyped the “you’re three today! 3-year-olds wear underwear!” thing. So far, he’s not buying it. He’ll tell you he’s still 2, and 2-year-olds wear pull ups. When you remind him he’s 3 now, he’ll say “I’m 2, just a little longer…”

If only it were so easy.


  1. That was an excellent bday wrap 🙂


    Those are all so true and so well written. I love how picky he is. I love that I now feel better LOL….

    And yes, when Bubba turned three (ok the next day) I hid the pullups. Oh yes. Hid them. He bawled his eyes out for about 10 minutes as he sat naked wtih underwear in front of him. Then, I rattled some m&m’s. That perked his interested. I told him if he put them on, he’d get some. Hmm…. he did it. I only had to bribe him for three days. It worked like a charm. Three seems to be that “magic” age I didn’t believe but the only accidents he had after three were on the playground because, who wants to stop to pee? LOL??

    Cheers to you and your babe. This is not just his day but yours and hubby’s too. Give him hugs from Kdubs today.

    K 🙂

  2. Mine tells me I’m mean, and that she HATES watching Cinderella. I need to go potty shopping, and when I do, we’re just gonna cold turkey it. Pullups were never my friend.

  3. I wish I could be 3 for a little longer…Tim and I were discussing the other night as we watched Leah “read” a board book to herself, how much we loved her this age, and how we wished when we were younger that we savored it more instead of rushing to grow up- and that no matter how much we tell her to do that, she won’t listen…such is life…

  4. Yes, and we are 29, just a little longer.

    Happy Birthday Waffles!

  5. Happy Birthday to Count Waffles!

  6. Robey turns 3 next week, and I can relate to every single thing on this list. EVERYTHING. It’s uncanny. You might as well be writing about Robey. Lately, he’s been talking about all the things that he’s going to do when he’s big, which is when he turns 3. Right now he’s still two, and only a “li’l bit big” (and he pinches together his thumb and forefinger when he says it, to show you what a li’l bit means). It’s a big deal, turning three. Happy day, to the Count.

  7. Happy, happy! Dangit. I forgot to send a tank.

  8. Happy Birthday Count Waffles!!!!

  9. Awww…happy birthday Count Waffles!

    We’re really enjoying 18 months right now. I’m looking forward to 2 and 3, but I’m in no rush to get there.

  10. This must be the day for it.

    Today while changing Bunnys diaper she mushed her foot into my post pardum belly and said, “Mommy you have a fat belly.” I wasn’t prepared for this. It completely shocked me. So I said, “I know Bunny. It’s from my babies. Aren’t I lucky?” Eeeeek! Later in the day she went on a to give me a monologue of all the other people she knows who have fat bellies. Daddy and Lila were included in this. When Daddy came home from work, the first thing she told him was that he had a nice fat belly. He pulled up his shirt and rubbed his belly and told her that it was nice and round. She also added that it was hairy.

    How have you survived to three?

    How will I survive to two?

    I apologize, I’m feeling a little beat down today.

  11. Tee Hee. Very cute. Remember, just tell him he’s only got X number of diapers left. Have him count them with you and then move to underwear and don’t look back. You can still use pull ups at night, but go to target, they’ve got this plastic gerber training pants, and put them over the underwear, that way when he has an accident his clothes won’t get wet.

    It’ll be a tough 2 weeks, but if you are consistent, it’ll work.

    Trust me, I’ve been there, and I’ve done that. 😉

    Wishing you luck. Three, is definitely worse than two.

  12. Happy birthday, fellow little Aries man 🙂

    Of COURSE the clouds parted – I left Cali! 😛

  13. I just wanted to let you know that I have been thinking so much about your “Barbie” post that I created my own “Disney/Barbie” post with my thoughts on the subject. You really seem to kick start some provocative subjects for me and get my brain moving. Thank you for that, it doesn’t go unappreciated.

    Peace Out Mamma Extaorinaire!

  14. Happy Birthday to the Count AND to his Mommy!

    I loved your description of a three year old. Basically, it is right on. Mine turned 3 in November and still has about zero interest in the potty.

  15. Enjoy it for ll it’s worth~

    Nothing better than then the love of a son…

  16. Happy birthday, Count… here’s to being three!!!

  17. hehe~ three is over rated!

  18. Way too freakin’ adorable! Happy belated birthday to the little guy, and use that 3-year-old card all you can!!

  19. I’m 21, just a little longer 🙂

    Happy Birthday Count!!!

  20. Awwww….happy birthday to your little guy!

  21. Happy Birthday, Count! Just don’t make me cry and tell me to go away and leave you alone, ok? Kids normally like me and all. I don’t want to blow my record.

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