This is what happens when you give a 3-year-old the camera


  1. That first one is a dang good photo!!

  2. We do this often, and Bella even has her own photostream on flickr. Or, well, her own SET in my photostream. Check it out sometime–there are some pictures I REALLY like! She fills up the memory card, then brings me the camera to get rid of any pics that are blurry or whatever, and I keep giving it back to her to fill up again…we repeat the process until the card is full of focused pictures and no “repeats” (sometimes she’ll snap off several shots of the exact same thing before moving on). Then we go and put them on the computer, and Little Miss Bossypants tells me exactly how she wants them edited (this editing is limited to cropping), and we make a slideshow. She thinks she is an artistic genius, and I do too! It’s great fun!

  3. Nothing to do with the topic–just wanted to tell you I found your blog recently along with the Baby Powder blog and I must tell you I throughly enjoy reading them. I live in India, and however much one reads books, they never give the real feel of a culture like these blogs do.

  4. I’ve got ya’ beat. My son took a pic of himself taking a whiz in the toilet!!

    They actually developed it. That was the scary part.

  5. I find it very impressive that he hasn’t done any damage to the camera yet. Emily has problems letting ME use our dig camera, so I can’t believe Will will ever get such an opportunity. Great shots, though! Great way to kill off a few hours, I’m sure.

  6. hey… i think that he’s got a real eye for it! Nice photos, Count!

  7. at least you can tell what the objects are in each shot. we got pics of the walls, floors and well, nothing. Very cute Count there

  8. Yay! Good to see another kid photoblogger like me!

  9. OMG, he SO has your smile!!!

  10. I think he has potential. These are better than some of the photoblogs out there.

  11. Oh too cute! I have similar photos. from when my boy was 3. Titled the exact same thing.
    I’m enjoying my visit here


  12. He’s really good actually—- book him on Oprah!

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