Drink with me

HRH Princess Peanut has learned where her eyes are located.

And where mine are located. Poke.
And where her brother’s are located. Poke.
And where the cat’s are located. Poke.

Me and the kids braved the mall on yet another rainy day.
We rode the escalator.
Mom lost her shoes and fell.
Count Waffles fell.
Cuts and bruises and humiliation for Mom.
Kids thought it was fun.

3-year-old isn’t napping. Too much mall sugar.
1-year-old isn’t napping. Too much noise from 3-year-old.

Easter Bunny was at the mall.
Kids found him to be repulsive.
And “too yellow.”
And “too big.”
And “too teethy.”

Mom found out a pervert has been roaming our mall.
The kid section.
Hand in his pants.
Taunting parents with “she’s on my list!”

Mom has always had stranger anxiety.
Mom has always had escalator/height anxiety.
Today could really not have been worse.

Did I mention it’s still FUCKING raining??
And both my kids are crying right now.
The Count says “the dumptruck bumped my head.”
And Peanut says “wwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.”

I’m convinced there is nothing worse than a mall trip in which you see really cute clothes everywhere, can’t buy them, and even if you could buy them there is no way you could try them on with both kids clinging to you. Am I just destined to be stuck in my Target-bought-without-trying-on t-shirt forever??? I’m just wondering out loud here.


  1. I had one of those days. I called my husband and made it oh so clear he needed to come home as soon as possible LOL…


    It was one of those days I looked at my six month round belly and asked, “I did this again because….” LOL…

  2. The guy at the mall – really, really creepy. One of the reasons that some days, I just don’t want to leave my house.

  3. Sounds like I should be glad there weren’t(and still aren’t)any big malls around here when my kids were growing up!

  4. Eek. Hand the kids off to the Kaiser, take a long relaxing bath, and then eat some ice cream.

    I hate it when I see clothing I want to try on, but can’t because Cordy is with me and would never let me look at clothing. She won’t let Aaron get close to a bookstore, either.

  5. Hmmm… sounds like a bath and a bottle of wine or two are in order.

    I’m so sorry you’ve had such a hard time lately. Things are bound to get better soon, hang in there!

  6. Yeah, that’s a pretty crappy day all right. Geesh, complete with a child molester at the mall.

    I used to buy a bunch of clothes and bring them home to try on, and then return 90% of them. Back when I had money. And energy.

    Welcome to DotMoms, by the way!

  7. I’m surprised you showed such restraint to that freak with his hand in his pants. I would be in jail for assult if anyone said that to me with my son around.

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