Can I get a ruling on this?

There is excess skin around my tummy (yes, I said “tummy” and I also say “potty”, bite me) from having gained and lost 40lbs with each child. There is still some fat to be lost in that area…but a lot of it is just empty skin. Is there anyway to tone that or can it only be sliced off by Dr. 90210???

Count Waffles keeps asking me to fence. I have no idea where he picked up “fence.” But should I find it odd he doesn’t just want to play swords (and no, he has no swords so shut it…he was using a straw) or pirates or something. What 3-year-old says “Mommy, let’s FENCE!?”

Does everyone just wash the underwear the kid has an accident in (the #2 variety) or do you throw them out?

I’m at BlogHer today. And working up some stuff for other freelance projects. So forgive my lame post.


  1. Not sure about the excess skin. I have heard that if you drink enough water and exercise too, your skin will shrink when it needs to. I remember KDubs saying that she was available to answer toning questions…

    HILARIOUS that Count Waffles knows what fencing is. Hee hee hee!

    No idea yet about the underwear – I would probably wash them, but not without complaining about it.

  2. I am afraid slicing is the name of the game although I am not too sure and would have to ask the hubby, who would most likely know…

    Fencing? Ooooweeee! Well, my son at 10 months did yoga and since he could talk, along with my daughter, has said “OM Namaste”…

    The underwear… ugh! First couple of times I just did not want to deal as between his shit and the cat’s and everything else I was not in the mood but in retrospect I think I should keep it but… it’s damn gross!

    Dios mio! What to do? 😉

  3. My belly flab has gotten so bad, that I have to tuck it into my underwear. It’s quite disgusting.

    Underwear….depends on how attached I am to their underwear. 😉

  4. 1) Duct tape.
    2) He’s not asking to cheerlead?
    3) Wash.

  5. As the proud(not) wearer of what is commonly called ‘Twin Skin'(and trust me, its no where NEAR as cute as it sounds) I am afraid the ol’ slice & dice is all that will remove the tummy….I’ve been trying for almost 5 years.

    And as for undies…it depends on how severe the blow-out is. If its bad enough I’d rather spare myself the dry heaves.

  6. Either throw the undies out, or take them outside & hose them off. We have done both. Too many times.

  7. Hmmm…cutting away the excess skin is probably the only remedy. And one that insurance doesn’t cover. Ugh.

    Fencing, eh? That’s hilarious. I’m sure Cordy will be asking the same thing in a short time. But of course her daddy is a stage fighter, and she has a set of foam swords.

    From my daycare days, I say rinse out the undies as best as possible, then soak them in a strong solution of detergent and Oxyclean. Then wash as normal.

  8. Normal skin is usually elastic enough to bounce back, but during pregnancy you get stretch marks and stuff that’s like scar tissue, and so skin loses elasticity. But you’re young and beautiful, so really, what are you worried about?

  9. Ladies and gentlemen…my new best friend, Miss Jay.

  10. Really smart three year olds say “fence.”

    I say “tummy” and “potty” too because “toilet” and “stomache” are ugly words. I might resolve to still hold onto this vocabulary when my chidren are college age and beyond.

    I was a relatively thin person when I became pregnant the first time. I gained almost 80 pounds in my first pregnancy and I didn’t lose it before I became pregnant with my second daughter 7 months later. I gained a little over 40 that time (and I felt skinny!)

    I honestly don’t know if I have any loose skin because now the Bean is 7 months old and I still need to lose 40 pounds before I am back to where I was before I had children.

    In other words. My belly is too filled with fat.

    The other day my 2 year old said, “Mommy you have a fat belly.” And I agreed and thanked her and explained that I have a fat belly because I grew my babies inside of it and that’s what happened to me when I grew she and the bean and that I was lucky for this reason.

    The way I see it, becoming a mother changed my body, just as age changes my body. I am not always *ok* with these changes until I rationalize them and talk myself into it because of the world we live in. I don’t want to have a fat belly. I’m going to weight watchers to lose my fat belly. But, when I’m left with a jiggly loose belly, I don’t know that I’ll be quick to run to a plastic surgeon to fix it.

    Now my sagging, post-breastfeeding boobs… sigh… can we talk about those here? Those make me cry!

  11. PS – You’ve now been tagged for a meme. My apologies. 😉

  12. tummy: yeah, only genetics, or a lot of money if you want pre baby perfection.

    boobs: talk to me. the only way to make them voluptuous is to either roll them up and tuck them in, or wear a bra that comes with foam breasts.

    undies: sometimes when I feel like I need a catharsis, I throw them out. Other times I go the “Mother earth, save the environment” route and scrub til I bleed.

    I would further what your new best friend said. Let’s stop being neutered by this ridiculous cultural pressure and start recognizing true beauty- the honor of housing our babies leaves some lasting souveniors. The Brittany Spears of the world should envy us.

  13. You never have a lame post, dear – hope you are enjoying yourself tremendously – can’t wait to hear all about it!

  14. If it’s only a little bit of excess skin it will probably shrink as you lose more weight (if you need to of course) or excercise, but otherwise the only other way to get rid of it is to have it cut off. That’s so cute that your son wants to “fence”. 🙂 As for the undies- wash them, splurge on nice things for you or your family instead of buying new undies when an accident happens.

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