Britney, Britney, Britney…Again? Really?

Ok, I can’t keep my mouth shut anymore. But in case you missed it, Britney Spears obviously knows NOTHING about carseats. Nothing.

Did she just skip reading up on the law? Or what age/weight you can turn the kid around?

I don’t get it. As a new mom, I was OBSESSED with those things. I wanted to make sure I had the latest in safety. I wanted to make sure I was being OVERLY safe.

What sort of hillbilly/white trash/uneducated move is it to either a) let your kid sit on your lap while you drive or b) not secure them properly in their carseat?

Is there just some whole segment of the population out there that has no issues with this? Because you can add my inlaws to the Britney mentality. They nursed a baby and drove halfway across the country instead of stopping to nurse…because it was easier.

I openly admit to some boneheaded parenting moves. But come on. OBVIOUSLY Mrs. Federline didn’t do her homework on this. She premeditated turning him around. And let’s face it…we’ve all had our fair share of backward riding, SCREAMING and unhappy babies. But for safety, they need to stay backwards…despite the screaming.

I can wait for the PR spin on this one.

(editor’s note: on a related topic, I am totally down with Bill Simmons’ US Weekly Fantasy League idea. Seriously. The Sports Gal needs to contact me and we need to get the kids together over Starbucks to finalize this plan. I’d crush everyone.)


  1. Her record label put out a statement that she was within legal limits on the size of the seat and it facing forward.
    But come on, he’s mildly chubby but he’s only 8 months old. I seriously doubt he’s over 25 pounds. And there’s NO doubt that seat was too large for his age/size.
    This is the third time in the last month there has been evidence of her negligence. Anyone else would have lost custody by now.

    And she thinks she’s ready for another one???

  2. There is NO WAY she was within it. It clearly says AT least a year old and AT least 20lbs. BOTH. And he’s obviously not a year old, even if he is 20lbs. Which he does not look. At all.

    Seriously. Some people…breeding…shouldn’t…and what not.

  3. I had to chuckle at the CHP’s remark, “In one regard, she’s done more for child safety seat awareness than anyone else in California.” How can anyone be SO stupid? I just can’t get over her. . . ugh. And the picture of that poor kid! He’s slumped halfway out of his seat. Twenty pounds AND one year. What’s more to understand?

  4. And in one of her latest statements, she claims that her child is now her religion.

    If she really loved that kid as much as she says she does, she’d take better care of him. Sure, we all have our first-time parent mistakes, but it’s now clear that she didn’t bother to learn anything about parenting.

    Not only is the car seat facing forward, but it looks like the straps are loose enough that he’d fly right out of that seat. Apparently a skull fracture wasn’t enough to scare her into taking better care of him.

    And she’s having another. I feel so bad for these children. I’ve seen teenage crack moms who are better mothers.

  5. Bill Simmmons is a modern American visionary. I’m sure women around the country would love that idea.

    As for the former pop tart, I believe we now know what kind of person she really was all along. Simply stupid. Unable to deal with life, and undable to deal with having kids. Unfortunatly, there is no system of testing possible parents before kids are brought into the world. Heck, the state is more interested in your ablity to drive a motorcycle than to have children.

    No, I’m not advocating oversight of childbearing, but sometimes it seems like a good idea.

  6. She is a complete wack-job. It will be interesting to see if anything comes of it.

    Fantasy Football for the girls? I love it!

  7. Apparently she’s been taking parenting courses from wacko jacko. What an idiot. I don’t even HAVE kids and I know that kids are supposed to be facing backwards till they’re one year old (at least!). Sheesh.

  8. 1) We’ve been playing fantasy football for years, to suggest that girls don’t like sports and only Hollywood garbage is insulting.

    Bill Simmons is dead to me.

    Britney should go to jail or have her children taken away. If she was some poor woman, they would have done something to her last time.

  9. Un-FREAKING-believable.

    Really. Why is she still breeding?

    ‘Cause if the car seat debacles aren’t evidence enough that the wind whistles through her ears, doesn’t trying to finesse a hairdo by wearing foam curlers in a speeding convertible kind of clinch the case?

  10. Seriously. The girl has no natural mother instincts. Even my husband knows more about carseats than Brittany. When I saw the pictures in the tabloids of Sean on her lap while she was driving, I almost passed out in the grocery store. She needs a flippin’ labotomy, she might actually be smarter then.

  11. I’m not sure she knows anything about anything, frankly. Sure doesn’t look like it. Of course, she’s being stalked and shown doing stupid things only, but come one, these car seat (or lack thereof) things are REALLY boneheaded.

    But yes, there is a whole segement of the population that doesn’t care about car safety for children or anyone else. When I was little my parents would not start the car to take my kindergarten classmates and I to school until everyone’s seatbelts were fastened. But all the other parents just let us sit in the seats and didn’t care if we were buckled in or not. One mother even let us all stand up in the back of their family’s Suburban or whatever it was and make faces out the back window while she drove us to school.

  12. In my state it’s 20 pounds or a year. But a friend told me it was 20 pounds and a year so I asked my pediatrician. I hadn’t needed to worry about this with Bunny, who wasn’t 20 pounds until she was 15 months old. But the Bean is 24 pounds at 8 months old and she’s also in the 100th %ile for height, so she’s very uncomfortable riding backward. My pediatrician said to face her forward because in our state it’s 20 pounds OR a year. Hmmmmm…

    Why do I feel uneasy?

  13. Anonymous says:

    add my inlaws to your list. They seem no problem with a 6 year old riding in the front seat. They told me I was nuts when I said my kids will not ride in the front seat until they are 12, per the AAP and the NHTSA! Needless to say, they don’t babysit our kids!

  14. Ugh. When I drove cross-country with a nursing baby (both times), I rode in the back seat beside her, and PUMPED milk with the breastpump hooked up to an adaptor and running off the car battery, then feeding her with the bottle–BOTH of us securely belted in. OR WE STOPPED. I’m with you–I was totally OCD over this stuff for the entire pregnancy and beyond, and still am with each new phase.

  15. Did you hear the latest?

    I’ve stumbled with my kids but it’s usually cause the 3 1/2 yr old decides he wants to twirl around me while I’m holding his sister. Not fun.

    I’m seriously thinking of going back to school to become a therapist and then moving out to LA and wait for her kids to come to me. Running. Screaming. Crying.


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