Yet another advertising rant-Man Laws and Sluts

Proof I watch too much television:

Is anyone else bothered by the Miller Ad with the “Man Laws?” Maybe I’m reading too much into the Burt Reynolds and friends discussion over “You Poke it, You Own It” but I was immediately offended.

First of all, it makes me think of Burt Reynolds poking ME. Then it makes me think of Burt owning me. I don’t know which is worse.

Am I being over sensitive about this? Are they really just talking about putting a finger in the beer bottle opening? Or was this just sly, stupid, locker room talk?

I’m going to go with my gut here. “You Poke It, You Own It” pisses me off.

I mentioned it to the Kaiser and he looked at me like I was crazy. Maybe it’s just me.

Oh, wait…it’s not.

And while I’m on the subject…They just re-ran that Pizza Hut Ad with Jessica Simpson “These Bites are Made for Poppin'” where she seduces the 12 year old. Does this one bother anyone else? I expect her to be sleazy, but when her target is this little kid at the table, it makes me very uncomfortable.

I guess that means no more Pizza Hut and no more Miller in this house.

Not a big loss.


  1. I haven’t seen the poking ad, but I’m guessing it would piss me off, and Jessica Simpson ALWAYS pisses me off, but that ad ppisses me off the most.

    Pizza Hut is so fucking fattening that you should be required to be at least 20% overweight to appear in a Pizza Hut commercial.

    You don’t need to sex me up to get me to eat pizza. Assholes.

  2. … and while I’m on a roll, the ad with “…and twins” for beer is even more offensive now that I HAVE twins. What must a father of identical girls feel about that kind of thing? Kemp?

  3. Yeah…that one pisses me off too.

    First of all…it makes everyone assume twins do eachother.

    Second of’s stupid.

    I could go on.

    And how will you explain that when your kids catch it on tv??? I mean, that’s a prime Sunday football spot.

  4. Pissed… pissed… pissed… and more pissed…

    I try to think of how I would have reacted before The PB & The J were born.. but I can’t. I just know that it now pisses me off something fierce.

    The first time one of them comes home crying because a boy she likes said something about her and her sister posing together in that way… I’m gonna have to track him down like the dog that he is and ‘take care of business’ if you know what I mean.

  5. Ok- I’m with you on the Jessica Simpson commercial. That is ridiculous. I thought it was just me.

    But the Miller Lite commercial- I think it really is just about carrying beer. “You poke it you own it” DOES sound perverted when you say it alone, but in the context of the commercial, I really think it’s just referring to the beer.

  6. So many ads leave me stunned and speechless, staring gape-mouthed at the tv.

    The Muppets selling out? Breaks my heart. I was too distracted by Kermit and Miss Piggy in the Pizza Hut ad to be horrified by Jessica Simpson (but, how do you get that tarted up Nancy Sinatra song out of your head once you’ve heard the commercial? Ahhh!). And the ad where Kermit sings “It Ain’t Easy Being Green” about a car makes me more frustrated than I can explain. (sob)

    “and twiiins” makes me want to vomit.

    The glorious euphoria I felt the first time I heard “You bet your sweet Aspercreme” was crushed when they changed it to “You bet if it’s Aspercreme.” It made me die a little bit inside.

  7. That pizza hut ad is absolutely disgusting! I guess I will have to jump on the “no more pizza hut” bandwagon too now.

    And the Miller commercial, haven’t seen it, but yeah that sounds pretty demeaning, disgusting, perverted and inapprorprite.

    Yay for DVR’s!!

  8. The Kaiser has a heart attack every time he hears Jane’s Addiction on a commercial.

  9. I need more men to weigh in on this.

  10. Sorry, but there’s NO way they made that slogan without considering the double entendre. And the fact that it’s a group of guys making up rules? Yeah…I’d have to say it’s purposeful. And, even as someone who can take just about anything, kind of offensive.

    My mouth certainly dropped open when I first heard it. Of course, I said “heh heh heh – poke it”…but I digress.

  11. I despise the Pizza Hut commercial, but I haven’t seen the Miller commercial, so I can’t say anything. I’m known to laugh at things like that until someone tries to say it directly to me!

    About the twin thing above…what’s the big freaking deal with twins? If they were to do each other (like all guys wish), that would be INCEST! Hello? Would guys find it so hot if it was a brother and sister? Yeah, I thought not.

  12. I haven’t seen the first one but the simpson one is very VERY creepy. My husband and I were both grossed out. He’s a CHILD.


  13. I thought the same thing when I saw that Man Law commercial.

  14. Oh man. When I stopped watching TV I had no idea how socially irrelevent I would become. I have no idea! Well, I have a pretty good idea that you would never let Burt Reynolds poke you in the first place, right?

  15. Yeah, I’ve only seen the “man law” commercial once, but I totally thought they were talking about more than “poking” the beer.

    (and did you catch one of the men was missing an arm? Not sure what that has to do w/ anything, but I thought it was…odd.)

  16. Haven’t seen the beer ad…but that Pizza Hut ad with Simpson makes my skin crawl. Someone should lose HIS job over that (because you know a man -or men – came up with that commercial).

  17. Ha, ha, haaa! The Kaiser and the Loverboy would have much to talk about with regards to their feminist wives were they to ever meet! I tend to fly off the handle with seemingly minor things as well, only thing is, they are not minor, they reflect a deep-seated problem and the fact that others do not notice is reason for further concern and… you get the picture! So yeah… you got me on your side chica!

  18. Okay. As a former bartender (my father owns a tavern) I can tell you that the Miller Ad doesn’t so much offend me. I just think it’s a stupid-ass commercial, and seriously, the men IN the commercial should really be wondering what women are really thinking about them for being in that stupid-ass commercial. (If that wasn’t a run-on sentence, yeesh, Dana!)

    And the twin commercial is appalling. I don’t know WHY commercial writers do this. I would be EMBARRASSED if I came up with that. Yuck.

    Sometimes, I feel like all commercials are written by the likes of “Charlie Harper” (Two and a Half Men)…and this crap won’t change until women like us start thinkin’ up the jingles.

    I think that’s my new project. Creating Commercials. Who’s with me on this?

  19. I haven’t seen the ‘Twins’ commercial so I cannot comment.

    However I saw the ‘Man Law’ commerical once and was cracking up with the whole “you poke it , you own it” phrase…

  20. I haven’t seen the “Man Law” commercial, but I think the Jessica Simpson one is horrible. I guess she’ll do anything to make a buck.

    Like your blog by the way. I’ll be back 🙂

  21. ihatetvbutenjoydeadwood says:

    The Simpson commercial is horrible, the Man Law commercial is intended to be A) interesting for the average male viewer B) Funny for the average male intelligent viewer (who get the joke) C) Funny for the average female intelligent viewer (who get the joke) D) Offensive to females looking to be offended.

    Why the shock and awe? For goodness sakes, didn’t this company do the whole Tastes Great/Less Filling catfight thing. They are selling beer. Men buy beer.

    If you’re offended by commercials then stop watching so much television or lower the sensitivity meter.

  22. Anonymous says:

    the guy in the miller commercial with one arm is pretty neat because its the guy who got his arm stuck under a boulder and cut it off, establishing his credibility as a true man.


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