I’m not selling him to the Gypsies…today anyway

Forgive me while I get a bit misty here, but my 3-year-old finishes up his very first year of school shortly…and I’m in awe of the guy. AWE I tell you!

Today he informed me he does “not believe in wet grass.”

He also walked around the house saying “I wish…I wish…I wish…”

And when I finally prompted him about exactly what his little mind was wishing for he said,

“I wish I could fly, Mommy.”
“Fly? That sounds like fun. Where would you go?”
“Up to the sky. And I would touch a star. I would pull it down. And I would give it to you.”

Sniff. Sniff. Sniff.

He is also my favorite gardening companion, as his sister mainly eats the dirt. Today I let him loose with the camera outside in his little patch of land and something, well…Honestly something magical happened.

Judge for yourself:

The Count has a kindred spirit in Ms. Bella of Ninja Poodles…she takes some great photos too.


  1. AWWW! I was just looking at those gorgeous upward-leaf shots, and about to post how I was all in favor of the preschooler camera work, and then I saw where you linked to Bella’s photos. I really need to let her at it outside, not that everything is blooming! Today, she figured out how to work the camera on my new cell phone. Which, ahem, *I* hadn’t yet figured out.

  2. What beautiful photos!!!

  3. Is that anything like Ritch not believing in Jet Skis?

  4. Yeah, they totally melt your heart sometimes. TOTALLY.

    The photos? Equally as beautiful.

  5. I just can’t believe he caught those ladybugs on there too.

  6. He’s brilliant, Erin. I love a child’s perspective. So honest and intelligent. He must get this from his beautiful mom.

    The Count will be a master photographer. I’ll hire him. The goob that did our family pictures messed up. The Count is in!

  7. What beautiful pictures – he’s got quite a talent there.

    (And he’s a smooth talker, too. Did he get that from the Kaiser?)

  8. I just had to come back again to look at that amazing ladybug shot. You should totally frame that.

  9. Wow, awesome! I didn’t even see the ladybugs until I read all the comments and went back and clicked on it. How cool is that! It’s SO cool to see what the Count sees.

  10. It’s so amazing to see the world as a 3 year old does! Amazing.

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  12. He’s such a talent! I love little boys… they are so sweet sometimes – and can melt their mommy’s hearts. Too sweet. I can’t wait to see the good and bad that comes with my boy during the “3’s” – so far, the two’s have been a wonderful and sometimes hair-pulling adventure. From your posts, I think the three’s will be the same… I can’t wait!

  13. That is so cute! And those photos are wonderful!

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