Come up and see me sometime

Hey you!

Come on over and see me at DotMoms this weekend.

AND blogher.

And Draft Day Suit.

What??? Stop looking at me like that.

Here…have some cute kid photos and stop pestering me about how I blog too much. Awwwww, aren’t they just adorable? Yes. Now…go CLICK THOSE LINKS!!!!


  1. Wow. I love the sunflower that the Count is standing under. Or is it a magic bean?

    We all blog too much – at least your other blogging gigs are professional.

  2. That is actually a sunflower. He calls it his “seed” since he planted it himself.

    I realize they are easy to grow. And I realize they can get big…but honest to God this one is just ridiculous. It’s taller than both my husband and I. And there still isn’t a flower on it yet.

    It’s Jack and his beanstalk! We have to check on it every, single day, 50 times a day to see “how big it is, NOW Mommy.”

    Out of control I tell you.

  3. all your blogs are so divers! hats off to you QofS.

  4. Did you clone yourself, or did you just stop sleeping?

  5. No more messing around. You have all these blogs to keep up and I WANT THAT PRECIOUS PEANUT.

    Gimme. Just until she turns 18? I’ll trade you a box of Sugar Smacks. Think on it.

  6. The kids are adorable.
    And your son takes some really great pictures.
    Give him the camera more often.

  7. LOVE the scabby little nose! What a couple of cuties!

  8. Ah yes, I’m doing the BlogHer thing next month. Hope we can meet.

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