The Perils of Pools

Let’s just say there is this family with a pool. And since it’s about 103 degrees where they live, they are in said pool a lot.

Let’s also say their mother is, well, she’s lazy. And she sees that the pool cleans her children rather thoroughly.

And let’s just say that the mother recently realized she hadn’t actually bathed her children with actual soap or shampoo for, um…awhile.

Would you think she’s a horrible mother?

And, how often would you expect her to actually use shampoo and soap on her kids? I mean, does chlorine count as soap? Both have chemicals, right?


  1. Tell your friend that I totally think the pool counts. The chemicals dry out all the natural oils in your skin that adhere the dirt to you, so it’s about the same in my book…

  2. I imagine the kids are squeaky clean, but getting blonder by the second!

  3. Chlorine is a MUCH more effective cleaning agent than mere soap. So far as I can figure the parents using soap are the negligent ones.

  4. This “friend” of yours… does she have a little girl and a little boy? And is she married to someone of nobility? And does her ass look good in jeans that she posted on her blog?

    Just wondering. I need to know these things before I answer your questions.

    p.s. does her daughter currently have a scab on her cute, little, button nose?

  5. Considering how rarely Jack gets a full on bath? I’d embrace you, I mean, her as a kindred spirit.

  6. If that’s a crime, then I’m in trouble too. Squeaks spent most of the afternoon in the pool, thus forgoing her bath this evening. And last night. And the night before…

  7. I will say, that I’m so jealous, I’m thinking of hopping the neighbour’s fence to bathe my kids in THIER pool, just so my kids will be as clean as your friend’s kids.

  8. It is a little known fact that if the mother is able to have a relaxing drink while the children are getting clean in the pool then they will be cleanest of all.

  9. Tell your, uh, friend that a…um…friend of mine thinks it’s A-OK and wishes she had a pool around to do the same thing.

    Besides, my child hates having her hair washed, and chlorine would do a much faster job of it.

    Oh. Wait. I meant her child. Damn.

  10. I say whatever works! LOL

  11. As long as that lady isn’t shaving her legs in there, too….I’d say she’s good to go.

    Have that lady rub some chlorine sticks on their hair and you have one squeaky-clean child!

  12. If I had a pool, I’d never bathe again…I’m just as lazy as your friend. It’s too hot to do anything else but float in a pool in the summer. So I think your friend is a great Mommy. 🙂

  13. I’d say its OK. My two boys did that last week at their grandparents! LOL!

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