Blogher or Bust. or (at) Blogher (I will probably show my) Bust

There is a rumor going around that some really smart women are going to be in San Jose at the end of July. Networking. Ass kicking, etc.

But I have a confession to make…

I just want to party.

Don’t worry your pretty, little, feminist heads. I’ll get some work done. Afterall, I have to at least pretend I’m not just there for the wine and daycare.

So not professional, I know. I know. But we Mommybloggers have a rep to uphold. I have it on good authority that those “Mommys Can Party.” No really. That was actually said to me. We’re expected to be the togas to their business skirts.

Far be it from me to let them down.

I realize this does nothing for the Mommyblogger image. You know, the one that isn’t taken very seriously by those serious bloggers who think we are just sucking bandwidth with our non serious issues and fluffy blogspot templates.

Joke is on them, huh? Not only are we having fun discussing diapers and breastmilk…but we’re sucking their ad money.

Can I just let out an evil “MmMmuuuuuuahhhahahahahahahahahahahaha.” Ah, that felt good.

Anyway, I think the Mommyblogger rep is safe because I plan on being at the bar. MotherGooseMouse has a spreadsheet going on what Mommies are showing up when, with whom, and she actually mapquested the nearest liquor store.

I’m not kidding. I have the email to prove it.

So as much as I know I should treat the conference as a chance to learn, network, and pretend I know what a wiki is…it’s really shaping up to be a family reunion, of sorts.

I’m bringing tiaras, tylenol, and if I have too, a pen or something.

See you there.

toga, toga, toga, toga, toga.


  1. Personally, I can’t wait to party, either. It’s gonna be better than any sorority bash I ever attended. I’m ready for some bonding with my sisters in blogging.

    Besides, it’ll be my first weekend away with no husband and no baby. Just me and the girls, all weekend long. Maybe we can all go out and get matching tatoos to keep up our bad girl mommyblogger rep?

    Do you know if there will be karaoke?

    Oh, and yeah, I’ll be going to some of the seminars, too.

  2. Ok, I’m so glad you said that. Because I posted this hours ago and no one said a word…and I thought…I”m officialy the craziest.



    Could you ask MGM to add my bad-ass to the PARTAY list? kthx.

    Also, I know I have a business and all, but I’m SO NOT THERE TO NETWORK. I have enough going on and Troll Baby is attempting stoppage of the naps. He thinks he’s pretty funny.

    Oh the whole feminist thing. My idea of a true feminist is one who dances to her own beat. That would be us.

    Fist to the chest.

  4. OK, I’ll be live-blogging so it’ll be business during the 9-4 hours but partying thereafter. I really hope that I can party with all you cool ladies. I don’t even really KNOW any guys that are going to be there.

    Just pretend I have breasts or something. Please?

  5. Sounds like the greatest fun ever. Have fun ladies (and guy?)

  6. I’m sad I didn’t know about blogher earlier. It would have been sooooo fun to go. I will have to put my sights on next year!

  7. There had better be karaoke – Dawn and I plan to sing Biz Markie’s “Just a Friend”. Loudly.

    Thanks for the shout-outs and the e-mails – keep ’em coming!

  8. I might get a Tat, if I get drunk enough – after the “Just a friend” duo with MGM…
    and the ass measuring contest with Mom 101

  9. Jealous. Oh so jealous.

  10. How funny — I just wrote a post that is almost identical to this one.

    Can’t wait to meet you at BlogHer. PARTAY!

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