Moving games.

Since we all know moving bites, I thought we could play some fun games while we watch the acme moving gals pack my boxes and give the new place a nice shine.

Moving Game #1: Explain the circumstance surrounding this quote:

“Periods and Punching You in the Face. Two totally different things.”

Said by: The Kaiser, to the Queen.
Location: In the Momvan.
Destination: Ikea, Burbank, CA.

The winner will explain the circumstances surrounding the quote in the comments section of this post. Hints may be issued, at my discretion, in the comments section.

Prize: My Kidz Rock mix CD.

Moving Game #2: Guess the height

Below is a photo of the Count’s sunflower. Guess the correct height.

hint: This is the world record.
Prize: an envelope of seeds from this sunflower.

Enjoy. I’m going to go make sure nothing gets scuffed or broken during the move. I’m such a dictator.


  1. I’m guessing 12ft on the sunflower.

    I’ve no clue about the quote. He must really hate IKEA though.

  2. 9 ft. 7 in.

    And I’m guessing that there’s some sort of pain comparison in that quote, such as how your period could not possibly hurt the same way that a knuckle sandwich would.

  3. #1 No clue.

    #2 10 ft

    Are you going dot com? Blogspot truly sucks! Let us know the new addy. 😉

  4. Congrats for escaping the evil clutches of blogspot. I need to do the same at some point.

    OK, #1 has to got to be some comment regarding you complaining about your period hurting like being punched in the face, but the Kaiser disagrees. Either that or comparing going to Ikea with the pain of a period or being punched in the face.

    #2: 10 feet, 8 inches.

  5. 1) I believe he’s pointing out the difference between punching you in the face and poor punctuation.

    2) I’m going to say 8’9″

  6. #1 hint: Neither poor punctuation or the pain of my period was being discussed. And we were traveling past a boxing gym.

    #2 hint: It’s taller than the Kaiser, standing on that wall, with the Count on his shoulders.

  7. #1 – I’m guessing you had cramps and wondered what female boxers are like with PMS and the Kaiser said cramps and a punch in the face prolly felt the same and you offered to show him different? (I’m totally pulling that out of my ass – that’s the first thing I thought of)

    #2 – that’s a wicked awesome sunflower little man has going. I’m gonna guess 7ft 9in

    smtueocx for verification and I so wanted to type smutcox

  8. I’m thinking that the conversation pertained to “How many periods in a boxing match?” And then the kaiser said periods and face punching are two different things.

    And the sunflower? I’m thinking 10 1/2 feet.

  9. Hint #1 the conversation with the kaiser involved me calling him a wuss

    Hint #1 more than Dana, less than KFK.

  10. #1: two things that don’t turn the Kaiser on (for different reasons).

    #2: 11 ft

  11. 13 ft for the sunflower?

  12. Moving game answers:
    #1 I was calling the Kaiser a wuss. He did not wish to discuss my period with me, because he is a wuss. We happened to be passing by a boxing gym. So I informed him that he was such a wuss, that if we stepped inside, I would kick his ass. He said he would kick my ass because periods and punching me in the face are two totally different things. No one wins.

    #2 The sunflower, at last check, was 11ft 4inches. I think Alison is the closest?? Once we get some seeds I will mail them!

  13. So he’s too wussy to talk periods but not to wussy to punch you in the face? I never would have guessed that one.

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