She’s not a junkie, she just has hair in her eye.

There is a reason I can clearly remember ever single time my mother cut my bangs. They looked like ass.

And despite swearing on dull kitchen scissors that I would never do the same to my offspring, well, um…

You see, there were these few, stray hairs on the Peanut. They were getting in her eyes, making her blink, rub, you know…act all addict. I figured I would just trim those few, stray hairs. Snip Snip clip clip and we’re done.

I appreciate that you are all still reading, seeing as you know where this is going. And you really would think that years of having my own bangs trimmed by my own mother would teach me. I ain’t never been no good at no learnin’.

So now that I have one of the Bay City Rollers for a daughter, I suppose I should go invest in some barrettes. Not that she’ll keep them in her hair. But I like to pretend I can fix this. I’m very good at pretending.

It should just be a law that I am never allowed to “do” anyone’s hair. It never turns out well. There was the time in college I helped dye my friend Ray’s jett black hair red. It never occurred to us black doesn’t dye well without first making the hair not so black. Not too long after that, I heard that you could dye your hair various hues if you used Kool-Aid. I couldn’t get my red, green, purple, and yellow streaks out in time for a job interview and had to beg a hair salon to get me in after 400 washes with Palmolive (which was supposed to take it out) did not work.

Kool-Aid and Palmolive! For all your haircare needs! And the warning lights never flashed for me why?????

Now I pay oodles of money to have someone else do my hair. I think I owe the same to my children.


  1. She’s adorable. No haircut will change that.

    Kyle let me cut his hair once. Once. If he’d seen what I did to my Barbies as a child (think Annie Lennox), I’m sure he’d never have even given me a chance.

  2. I won’t touch either kid’s hair.

    But I can’t even cut paper in a straight line.

  3. I’ve done worse. I think that’s why my husband now does all the haircuts.

  4. It doesn’t look that bad, and besides, she’s so adorable she could bring homecut bangs back into fashion.

    Cordy’s curly hair baffles me. I have no idea what to do with it, which is why it often looks wild, because I have no clue how to style it.

  5. Niiiiiice. What size was that Tupperware bowl? I’m needing a cut myself and the #6 did a horrible job last time.


    She’ll grow out of it and probably thank you many times in therapy.

  6. Errrmmm… least it’s not in her eyes anymore?

  7. I go by the mantra “Practice makes perfect.”

    Then again, I’ve cut my husband’s hair for the last eight years. The boy, and the baby’s too. Girl goes with me to Fantastic Sam’s.

    Keep trying!

  8. I am way too anal retentive and a fashion snob to have the ovaries (hah! Why balls I ask?) to do that! Although my husband cut our son’s bangs when I was napping once and my god! The poor boy looked like a little French girl a la Audrey Tautou!!!

    No more!

    That is what happens when you have balls! ;-P

  9. just wait til she’s finding your scissors and cutting her own hair.

  10. what’s wrong with ME? i think her hair looks cute!

  11. If you haven’t seen the disaster that befell my son’s hair a couple days ago, you need to visit my blog.

    Talk about therapy.

  12. I think you are very brave. I refuse to cut my son’s hair, mostly becuase I am afraid that I will poke his eye out. Besides there is always my mantra when finding a new hairdresser . . . hair grows. 🙂

  13. Someday she will blog about how her mama hacked her bangs.. LOL

    She’s still adorable!

  14. I loved the BCR’s– and when you’re right, you’re right.

    Still, she’s so cute.

  15. Wow what a cuttie she is 🙂

  16. I can’t even tell you cut her hair! See? You didn’t do a bad job. I think it looks cute! She’s young, all little ones have wild hair, I think. At least mine does!

  17. What’s the problem? She looks tres adorable!

  18. She does look cute. But I suggest you get professional cutting done as she gets older, lest it become fodder for many anguished visits to a therapist…”Everyone laughed at me because my mom cut my own hair…and she made me wear (sob) generic jeans, too!”

  19. I agree with all those who thinks Peanut looks cute–really cute 🙂


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