…but can he jump?

Ooooh! Dora is walking like a Robot! Can you walk like a Robot?

I can’t, Mamma. My feet are too white.


  1. For some reason Ian is completely convinced that this is a picture of him.

    Maybe he has white feet too.

  2. Ha, a boy after my own heart. I’m so not a robot dancer.

  3. My feet are tan. But I have a head start on you, Erin. Genetics, you know?

    If Karl is not a robot dancer, then what the HELL is he doing in his disply pic? Yowzers.

    Don’t do that dance move. Ever. Really.

  4. You KNOW Karl does the Robot. At home. When no one is looking.

    As for the Count. He can actually dance. He just like to make up silly excuses as to why he is unable to do certain things. For instance…”Pick up your toys!” “I can’t Mamma, my belly is tired.” I just thought it was hysterical that he came up with the white feet excuse.

    Now, the Count’s father. Soooooooooo dances like a white boy.

    Sarah, would you like to tell the story that involved your wedding dress, a dance floor, and my husband?

  5. I’ll have you no I do NOT do the robot. Much. The move I’m doing in that photo is my own progressive modified version of The Safety Dance.

  6. LOL .. blake does the robot.. it’s terrible, but cute!

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