…because it was so good, it deserves two posts

Let’s be honest here, ok. Just between friends.

If you are thinking of coming to BlogHer ’07 in Chicago, leave the kids at home.

Trust me. I speak from experience. Hotel-stair running, nursing during session, taking care of snotty nosed fever-boy, trying to get buzzed but not drunk, checking my cell for urgent babysitting in the room call, can’t really concentrate on all the beautiful people there experience.

I had to bring the kiddos to BlogHer ’06. Peanut needs the boob and there is no way around it. I wasn’t going to wean just to go alone. I wasn’t going to force a cup or bottle when clearly, it isn’t wanted. So here we are. Babe on hip, eyes rolling.

Nose picking at BlogHer

And then there are my partners in crime. Sarah and the Kaiser did much drinking.

He has a special place in his heart

Let’s not forget Mocha Momma. Oh that Mocha. She helped me…um…well, …think Caddyshack, Baby Ruths, and some poorly left-out WW candy. That’s all I’m saying. And yes. She licked. She licked EVERYONE.

Mocha strikes again

Here we have the Pastie Queen Her Bad Mother humping Jennster

Catherine and Jennster

And we can’t forget IzzyMom, Christina, and Sarah (again)-

Mommybloggers session

The glorious and buff Fizzle caught some slightly blurry but beautiful shots of the Princess and I.

She just seems to OWN the shirt

It was like meeting people you have known all your life, yet never hugged. Yes, those hugs felt that good. I kept touching all the wonderful women and men I’ve grown to know and adore, making sure they were real. Really standing next to me. Laughing with me. Laughing at me.

I love my children. But next year I will be completely selfish and leave them behind. I didn’t get enough time with these people I already miss. That I need more hugs from. More humps from. More licks from. And even more dirty looks from.


  1. I hear you on being childfree.

    But selfishly, I am glad you brought her. What a cutie. What awesome, awesome hair. Please don’t cut it anytime soon!

  2. The last picture of you and the princess is beautiful.

  3. Oh great, I read the entire post, get ready to leave my comment and discover Dutch said it first.

    “What he said”. But pretend you hear my voice. Of course it is also not often I am mistaken for being your husband. (confused? Please look at http://www.sarahandthegoonsquad.com for the backstory) If I were a better blogger, I would know how to do a hyperlink. Someone send me easy to follow instructions. I need serious help people!

  4. Okay, and to illustrate ust how very lame I am, I didn’t know The Queen had her blog set up to automatically do hyperlinks.

  5. loved this post. i’m so NOT tired of reading posts about blogher. so i love that you did more!!! 🙂

  6. I almost started crying when I saw Chicago! I can go to that one! I can actually afford it without having to sell plasma for the next year! Part of me is dreading the meeting new people and wondering if I’ll have a panic attack. I’m sure I’ll flip flop all year about going but I really want to meet you, Dear Queen and of course Sarah. Time to warn the husband that I may be gone. Hmmm, what to do, what to do.

  7. OH. MY. GOD.

    That picture of you two at the end? Gorgeous. What on earth do you mean when you say you don’t photograph well?!?

    I wish I’d been there. I’ll be there next year. I hope. I love reading about it and being there vicariously through everyone’s posts. Sounds like it was a blast.

  8. It sounds like you had much more than your hands busy this year… Next year in Chicago, my town of origin, we shall have fun!

  9. Beautiful pic of you and your princess…just gorgeous!

    And you can count on me next year for all your hugging, licking, and leg humping needs 🙂

  10. Yeah, so many people that I didn’t get to spend enough time with, you being right up there in the top 3. I am currently accepting donations for those of you that want one of the other two slots, by the way. You’re gorgeous…and I love how catty you are at 7-friggin-45 in the morning before you’ve had your coffee. I imagine I’d love how catty you are when you’re drunk even more.

  11. …and next year I’m coming earlier too. I think we missed some good stuff on Thursday night.

  12. not only do your boobs look great, your profile is perfect!

  13. That photo of you and the Peanut at the end is sensational! I can’t wait to see you in person! Wish I had gone this year, but I WILL be there next year, I promise!


  14. Dammit, dammit, dammit that I didn’t get to hang out with you NEARLY as much as I wanted. And the lack of humping your leg is keeping me up nights!

    I will for sure be headed out to Chicago for the next one. I’ll make it up there. And I’m bringing the mojito stuff again, so be ready. I’ll have plenty of free drinkage.

    It was great meeting you, QofS. You’re just fantastic.

  15. I’m so pumped for Chicago. It’s too good to be true. I’ve got family and friends there, too, so I’m making a vacation out of it.

  16. Ah, my BlogMe beauty, it was so wonderful to meet you. I would have loved to have spent more time with you and your sweet daughter. Next year, I promise I’ll do more hugging and humping, okay?

  17. Did you say CHICAGO????

    I am so there!!!

    Looks like you had fun, even with the kiddies in tow… hats off to you, mom 🙂

  18. Those pictures are gorgeous! I can’t wait for Chicago, because that one I can attend. Without hooking.

  19. The Queen “doesn’t photograph well” like “Barbra Streisand can’t carry a tune.”

    The Kaiser is kinda cute, too.

  20. I am so in for next year. And trust me, the kiddo will be at home with Daddy because I’m going to enjoy my weekend to the fullest extent! Great pictures!

  21. I’m SO going. Can’t stop me. And as much as I hate to think about it, the kiddo will remain at home.

    You look lovely in those pics!!

  22. Beautiful picture of you and the peanut!

    I agree with the need more hugging! And, yes, I am sad I did not get leg humped. Chicago, there better be more leg humping. But the licking. I did do and get the licking!

    I ADORED meeting you! So very much!

  23. All hail, the mighty Queen of Spain!

    It was a pleasure and honor to be in the company of your royal self. I hope our paths cross again. Perhaps we can connect on my next road trip to Southern California?

    Your humble subject,
    Grace Davis

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