Love Thursdays-Little Sisters

She adores her brother. Breathes him like air. Follows him as though he were the second coming.

Some days he notices her. Some days he tolerates her. Most days, he’s annoyed with her. And then there are the days when he adores her. And you can see the joy in her eyes from her brief, yet powerful, moment of triumph.

She loves him

Yet she continues. Always no more than a step behind, and always defiantly mastering whatever task he has deemed too hard for her to accomplish.

She is his stalker. She is his minion. He is her everything. She looks at him in a way she looks at no one else. Not her Mom. Not her Dad. Not her Uncle. Not even Elmo.

They are siblings in every sense. Brother and sister. Oil and water. Always together, yet never touching. Always right on top of one another, yet never touching.

Always together.

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  1. Beautiful Queen! Enjoy those moments! They are so rare! We live through them with these lil’ bohemians too…

  2. They are so adorable. And she does look so happy that her big brother acknowledged her. I love this picture.

  3. You can tell she adores him! Really a sweet photo.

  4. What a sweet picture you have there!

  5. I know exactly what your little girl is going through!! I did the same with my brother! Always followed him around, always wanted to be just like him.. What a great relationship they will have in the future.. my brother finally decided to stop getting irritated and embrasing me like I did him!! Good Luck and I hope they do the same!

  6. Awwww. So sweet!

    I just posted a bit about the importance of siblings when I had my niece and nephew (from my deceased sister) for a visit.

  7. Caity follows her big bro everywhere, copies everything he does…she is his little shadow.

  8. so happy to see you on the love bandwagon!

  9. Beautiful shot. Happy Love Thursday!


  10. Great photo! I also have a boy and a girl. My boy is younger, but his big sister also pours on the love most of the time and he mostly tolerates it.

  11. Very sweet picture.

  12. Your post made me reflect back to the days when I adored my older brother…ah memories.

    *just passing through via blogexplosion. nice reading ya!*

  13. What a great picture and a wonderful post.

    “Breathes him like air.” I love this!

    You really captured her adoration here.


  14. It’s posts like this that help me relax more about the idea of having a second child. I was an only child, so I worry about managing two children and keeping them from killing each other. But seeing this tells me that it will be OK, and the love between siblings will be worth any squabbles they may get into.

  15. Even through the months when Bunny’s main purpose in life was to destroy and hopefully kill the Bean, she still worshipped her older sister as she was bonking her over the head with a chunky healed shoe.

  16. beautiful picture!!! thanks for sharing.

  17. That is such a cute pic!

  18. Dave Galahad says:

    What an adorable pic!!

  19. I grew up with 2 older brothers, so I know that bond well. They will have that beauty for the rest of their lives. It should make you proud. 🙂

  20. Hi there, I came across you while surfing Blog Explosion.

    That sounds a lot like what my brother and I used to do all the time too when we were very young. We used to annoy and irritate each other all the time, but now we are very close. I hope that they will also learn to love and care for each other as they grow up. 🙂

    P.S. Thats a beautiful picture! They are so adorable!

  21. I love it because it reminds me of me and my brother. He was my hero from childhood! They are so adorable!

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