Fall-it’s not for sissies

Excuse me just a second…


Ah. Ok.

I haven’t seen my pediatrician since April. But wouldn’t you know that Labor Day (which I’d like to now beat up) came and so did the automatic colds for my children.

Nevermind preschool hasn’t actually started yet. Nevermind it’s 106 degrees here today. Nevermind we were swimming in the pool this week. Nevermind they have been healthy all freaking summer.

It was as if both their little bodies just sensed other kids were back to school and getting runny noses, so they needed to join in on the fun. And here I thought I was teaching them to be independent leaders, not followers.

One ear infection and two fevers later, we’ve got antibiotics, triaminic, pedicare, infant tylenol, children’s motrin, and assorted tissues scattered around the house.

Fucking Fall can suck it.


  1. Agreed. The same thing happened here.

  2. the kaiser says:

    Excuse me…let’s not gloss over the REAL issue here. And that’s the fact that the kids got me sick. That’s what really sucks.

  3. Jack doesn’t even go to daycare, but his cousin does and the germs manage to jump from her to my mom to him in no time at all.

  4. Queen of Spain says:

    Of course, my dear husband. For WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO is the Kaiser and his head filled with snot.

    He’s actually at work, solidering through his day, despite feeling like hell.

    He is a noble man and provider.

    …is that better, honey?

  5. awwwww – poor little ones. OH! and poor big guy, too. i know it can be harder to take care of the BIG babies than the little ones. and say, come now, let’s not blame it on a season that hasn’t even started yet . . . at least around here there are plenty of aches, pains, and drips for every season. let me know how you all are by, say, tomorrow afternoon? GET WELL! TODAY!

  6. Sorry your babies (and your great provider) are sick. I hope everyone is better soon. I really hope this passes over you! Sending you thoughts of good health.

  7. Note to the Kaiser.
    Don’t fall for the press on the DayQuil.
    It’s just Orange NyQuil.

    Still knocks me on my ass asleep…….

  8. Hope Everyone gets better soon!

  9. hello
    hope everything goes well with you !

  10. Murphy’s Law….let it be done.

  11. Don’t be rubbing it in that you’re still swimming.. LOL

    It’s a whole 56F here right now! Break out the suits!

    Schools are germ incubators.. ew.

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