Sorry I’ve been out of the loop. I’m suffering from the “at the urgent care with two kids until help arrived,” suck ass, diveritculitis.

The good news is I got vicodin. The other good news is I WHOMPED EVERYONE in this week’s fantasy football fun.

The bad news is I’ve once again been cursed by some rare “only people over 60 usually get this” disease. I had shingles last year.

Only the cool people get shingles.

And diveriticulitis, apparently.


  1. Actually it’s the 3 Fs (though I’m sure you could add another one) – female, fat and fifty and except for the female one, you don’t fit the stereotype at all.

    My mom got this on a bus trip through Nevada and was stuck in a little teeny hospital. I had to fly out to Reno and drive 2 hours to get her and take her back to the airport and then on to San Diego. She had to watch what she ate for a long time after than flareup.

    So take it easy, pop a Vicodin for me, and I hope you feel better soon.

  2. I’m sorry to hear about diverticulitis. That sucks. I hope you’re feeling better soon.

    I honestly thought only elderly people got that, too. What is it exactly? Just a butt kicker?

    Get well, soon Erin.

    -air hugs from afar-

  3. Feel better, my wittle muffin head. My best friend had shingles recently and she said is was very painful…

    Gentle hugs to you, sweetcheeks.

  4. i hope you’re not bleeding from your rectum. ouch. how do they diagnose diveritcluitisls? do they SEE it? because symptoms sound like “a bug” as my grandma would say.

    my (young) husband had shingles recently. for no reason.

    get well, huh? vicodin and vanilla gray goose w/ raspberry soda is said to be good for a bug. xo

  5. Eat some bran and move around more – oh and I hope you feel better too.

  6. Oh holy crap! I know a guy who had that, and it ruptured into his body….got into his blood stream. BAD NEWS!! Get rest. LOTS OF REST!!

  7. I am so sorry you’re sick. And with something I have only heard my family talk about. According to my father everyone in my family has this, and everytime we go out to dinner (whether it be with family or, say my friends) he will talk about every food item and why he can’t eat it. I don’t know much but stay away from seeds (at least according to my dad). Get rest, and I hope you feel better soon.

  8. Fucking shit. That sucks. I had a bone disease when I was a teen that “only babies and old people get.” I know how much it sucks to be told that no one gets that disease at your age.

  9. Queen of Spain says:

    The super sucky part, is I had about every test you can think of before the bloodwork came back. If that had only come back FIRST I would have been spared the pelvic, ultrasound, urine sample, etc. You know…with two kids. THe pelvic was fuuuuuuuuuuuuun

    No. Sit there, with your sister.
    Here. have these lollipops.
    No, that’s not boogies in Mommy’s vagina

  10. Hope you feel better soon!

  11. SlushTurtle says:

    Bummer for you, Queen. I suppose as royalty, it is kind of your responsibility to have these nasty diseases before the rest of us get them… that way you can comfort your subjects. You are SUCH a benevolent ruler…

    Hope you feel better soon… and lay off the popcorn.

  12. Oh no!! No more popcorn or strawberries!!! My husband was falsly diagnosed with diverticulitis last year. That was no fun!! (turned out he had a pinched nerve in his lumbar that was causing severe pain into his abdomen). We have idiot doctors in this town!

  13. Shigles and diverticulitis! Pain all around, oh dear. Where exactly did you get the shingles though? Apparently, it depends where you get it on how painful it is. Both my husband (around 15 years back) and my son had it along the waistline area and it wasn’t too bad.
    Take care

  14. My beloved little granny has had this for years and years. Sorry to hear it is inflicting you as well.

    I feel another bond with you, as I have a fucked up digestive issue too. We should form a club.

  15. Interestingly enough, my firend at my old job who got shingles also got diverticulitis. He was 39. Maybe they’re somehow related.

    That blows. It is supposed to be extraordinarily painful.

    Vicodin is good.

  16. Hey then I’m cool. I had the shingles in 10th grade! And then I had a repeat of them a year later, which almost never happens. I don’t want to be in the diverticulitis club, though. I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with that. Feel better soon!


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