Queen’s Foot Up Washington ASS

…not really, of course. Just in the writing sense, Mr. Nice Secret Service Men and Women whom I know will burst through my front doors any moment now.

I want Tony Snow’s head on a platter is up at Huffington Post. Go leave your two cents. You too Dana…;)

In other news, my 18-month old will BE President one day, because she’s already pooping in the potty. And this time I had witnesses. So take THAT Tony Freaking Snow. Oh, and she’s cuter than you too.

She just told her Gramps she wants a hug and kiss


  1. Leave it to the Royal Family to give birth to a rockin’ genius. Congratulations!

  2. Wow, at 18 months! And my 2 year old still has no interest and prefers diaper service.

  3. Must be all that breast milk. 🙂

  4. Queen of Spain says:

    It’s mostly the genius. Which she does not get from me.

    Maybe a little breastmilk too.

  5. Tony Snow makes Scott McClellan look like CJ Craig…

  6. Jack is 17 months old and barely beginning to wonder about potties.
    I hate you 🙂

  7. Sheis indeed a cutie. Now, I would buy her as president through the lone virtue of her being your daughter…but obviously you Americans have very different qualifications for a leader if pooping is such an issue.

  8. Wow, those folks over at the HuffPost are harsh! For the record, I agree with you completely. And I’d vote for Peanut. I mean, really, she’d be better right now than what we’ve got, so she’s bound to be amazing in 40 or so years!

  9. As per usual, she is too cute for words.

    And I swear you were baiting me! 😉

    I posted my comment!

  10. Oh…and I found this article today from my fave Polblogger…RWN is again, on target with his research.

    It’s interesting. Whether or not it’s true is another story.


    (I can’t link in here properly. I apologize.)

  11. The picture of your daughter with the cell phone is just too precious

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