Cars. Cars. Cars. Cars. Cars. Cars. Cars. Cars. Cars. Cars. Cars. Cars. Cars. Cars. Cars.

Count Waffles the Terrible has watched his new Cars dvd no less than 9 times since I brought it home Tuesday afternoon.

Lightening McQueen!

He shakes he get so excited during race scenes.

And while it’s a nice change from Elmo and the Little Mermaid, I’m starting to grow tired of Owen Wilson’s voice. And the constant zipping and zooming coming from my television.
Yes, I realize I have the power to say “no” the next time he asks to watch this new animated classic…but I told you already, he shakes he is so happy to see Lightening McQueen in his own home. Shakes.
A few notes on the movie:
The only hip-hop song in the film is not included in the soundtrack. This makes me sad. It would be a nice change from Rascal Flatts and Brad Paisley and the others I would never listen to if it weren’t for their crooning on this particular movie.
The lines “Thank the manufacturer!” and “For the Love of Chrysler!” are still cracking me up.
The VW Bug cars as actual bugs in the film is classic.
Guido’s scene in the last race still makes me clap.

So as I pop in the dvd for viewing #10, maybe I’ll play a drinking game. Like…everytime someone says “tires” I do a shot. OR, whenever an engine is revved I have to chug. I have a connection, a really famous connection, that could be considered a professional in the drinking game making up genre. Maybe I’ll ask him to help me with the rules.


  1. Ohhh dear….. my daughter Sapphire’s getting her copy from Amazon next week!

  2. That movie has taken over our house ever since it came out in theatres. I actually like it though, so it’s not that bad.

    Maters my favorite. Ha.

    And the little VW beetle bugs are SO cute.

    But the kids have only watched it twice and they dont’ want to watch it anymore. Weirdness.

  3. Unbelievable.

    I’m sitting here watching “Cars” while blog surfing.


    Tis another wonderful reason why we’re so connected.

  4. Oooh we just got it and they just watched it today and Adam said it was JUST LIKE IN THE THEATRE.

    Now after watching Nemo over 500 times…….is this next???

  5. I never once thought to do a drinking game with all the movies/cartoons we watch…Excellent idea.

  6. So is it programmed in from birth, then? The cars thing? Mr Stapler doesn’t seem all that interested in mechanical stuff, but a classic muscle car can stop him in his tracks.

  7. I still haven’t seen the movie yet, but I think my MIL is getting it for Squeaks for her birthday on Sunday. I’m dying to see it, but I don’t want to have to watch it over and over like you! Maybe we’ll play the long-distance partner version of the drinking game!

  8. Dawson really wants this movie, but I haven’t bought it yet because I fear we’ll watch it more than we watch Thomas the Tank Engine (163 times and counting).

  9. We rented Cars but have only watched it once. It looks amazing on our big TV, I have to say. They did a great job with the animation. I LOVE the ending credits when they do the other Pixar movies but with the Cars.

    When Ryan was 2 and a half, someone gave us the Toy Story DVD. We watched it every single day from October 2nd until January 2nd when I said I couldn’t take it anymore! Nathan was similarly obsessed with Monster’s Inc. I’ve always thought that kids find the repetition comforting, knowing what is going to happen next.

  10. Oooh! I may just have to get my hands on that for the boy! If it gets him somewhat hypnotized into giving me a breather… yeah, forget selfless thoughts! ‘Tis all about me, me, me, me, me, me…. 😉

    As for the post below, you so had me laughing as that is something that could so happen with us… although sometimes poor Loverboy’s freaky wife demands a hickey and so there is much wrestling over what she wants and he refuss to give… hmmm…

    … and then I wonder why my kids are “unique”! I don’t think it is a common sight for most kids to see their parents end up wrestling over stuff… but they don’t mind seeing that they either ignore us if something good is on TV or they simply join in…

    I just LOVE your quirkiness and your quirky family! You are a queen after my own heart I tell you!

  11. LOVE the idea of a drinking game to kid’s movie. LOL! Back in my post-college single days, a friend and I used to play a drinking game to Star Wars: The Next Generation. You drank every time they showed the outside of the ship (which was every time they came back from commercial), every time Worf felt his honor was threatened, every time Deanna Troy emoted, and so on. ha ha!

    Thinking about getting this movie now… Sweet Pea insisted before it was even out in theatres that that picture on the billboard (or wherever she saw it plastered) was from her movie that she had already seen. I wonder if when she watches it she’ll already know the whole movie by heart because she dreams in Pixar.

  12. My boy has had this movie for like 3 months and in that time I have watched it aaprox. 46727677635674353 times. I know it word for freakin word. It is now banished from my house and is currently torturing my best friend. I like to share the wealth.

    I must admit though that Mater and the tractor tipping scene is one of my favs along with *UBER FAST PIT-STOP “Peet Stop” *Fall aprt other pit stop cars* scene which never fails to make me smile.

    It is bad though when you find yourself actually saying the lines of the movie cos you THINK you hear it as you have been subjected to it that many times.

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