Eyes in the back of my head

I knew I needed to turn my head while I cooked dinner. Now I know why

no words


  1. They are such comical kids, aren’t they?

    I’m starting to love the little bucketheads even more!

  2. That little chick has some cool moves. And I love “bucket head”!

  3. “MARCO!”

  4. How sweet and edible is she???

    My daughter would just love her and would jump right in with the dancing… as would the boy! FO SHO!

    Gotta show this to her in the morrow!

  5. They really have to start an art band. Really. they are naturals.

  6. That girl sure can mooooooovvvvve!!!!!

  7. I love watching little kids dance!

  8. POLO!

  9. Why is it that children feel the need to put things on their heads so they can’t see where thay are going…. and then try to walk through the house??? I can’t tell you how many walls my daughter has walked (ok crashed) into.

  10. Already practicing the “lampshade on the head” move for parties, huh? Nice dancing:)

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  11. I think they’re trying to make a statement about the anonymity of man in the grand scheme of the universe…..

    or playing BUCKET HEAD.

  12. canoe chick says:

    What is it with kids and bucket head? Mine plays blanket head, same concept… many, many a wall has been smashed into. Mostly it was a phase, she was obsessed for about two weeks and since then it has been a relative rarity… perhaps one too many crashes?

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