Holiday Card Envy Part II

Last year I lamented how my lame holiday card never seems to measure up.

This year, I’m happy to announce we scrubbed the cheetos off the kids, pinned them down to strap on the fine duds, licked their hair into place, and then, apparently, told them Santa was DEAD

Santa is DEAD!
Just kidding. We told them Elmo was dead.

Actually, this is from a family photo shoot we took in the wilds of West Virginia. There are others, but you’ll have to pry them from my cold, dead, hands as they include some rather unflattering photos of the Kaiser looking seemingly towards heaven while I puff my cheeks and wrinkle my shirt to see how fat and white I can look.

Our REAL holiday card is so heartmeltingly adorable I can’t show it to you for fear you will implode from the fuzzy pink bunny feelings bursting from your heart.


  1. Even though they aren’t smiley, they are adorable. The natural look is in!

    Reminds me of those old photos from the 20’s and 30’s where nobody smiled because they weren’t supposed to.

  2. Those poor, poor children. Did you give them coal in their stockings AGAIN?

    I want to see the real one!

  3. I thought the picture of the Kaiser with the kids in clown wigs was your holiday card. You mean there are better ones out there?

    They do look like you told them Elmo was dead. They are so cute though.

  4. Perhaps they were pretending they were homesteaders from 1815 and this was the only day the photographer would be in town for the next two years………?

  5. I am envious that you were able to get off of your ass an DO Christmas cards. I didn’t get that far this year.

  6. LMAO!!
    I love it!

  7. I spent twenty hours on my cards this year. Yes, really. Why? I don’t know. Maybe to impress the Jones?!?!

  8. HA!!! Even before I read what you wrote, I saw the picture and went, “Jesus…what did she DO to those children?!”

    Actually, they mostly just wish they could be anywhere else, preferably in dirtier clothes. 🙂

  9. ha, ha, ha, haaaa! I so love this more than the cheesy, smily, smiley perfect teeth showing crap!

    Bravo and have a happy, happy one amiga!


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