Xmas Swag

I love it when my man listens.

The man knows what I like

Uggs Roo

…and then I made the mistake of asking my dear, wonderful, superb gift-giving husband if he had any gifts to show the blogosphere:

Had you tuned in 3 seconds earlier, you'd see Aaron's Penis

And yeah, the kids got some crap too. Too much. Including that fucking Elmo I swore I wouldn’t buy.

All of that said, I’m not sure there is anything better than watching your own children wake up on Christmas morning and react to Santa’s bounty. Seriously. NOTHING. BETTER.



  1. Beautiful necklace, nice slippers, and uh, is it the plaid pants or fit abs or hairy leg I am admiring on the Kaiser? Regardless, it all adds up to a nice holiday! Glad that you enjoyed it!

  2. Am I supposed to enjoy his package or his jammies?
    I’m not sure I know you all well enough to REALLY be admiring the package.
    But if you like I will email you the shots were took where you can see my panties and my husbands left nut…….those are nice.

  3. Nice gifts, glad to see you hit jackpot this year.

  4. Oh and there is no such thing as blowjob day at my house.
    I file that under, “ummm, no.”
    In the land of Men the Kais must be their KING.
    All his friends read this and hate him, you know this don’t you?
    Hell, my husband is hating him right now. And he doesn’t even know that there was more than ONE post about blowjob day!

  5. Beautiful necklace!

  6. What a pretty necklace! Those plaid jammie pants are kinda hot, too.

  7. oh your husband is a funny funny man!

    Love the necklace..

    and agree completely, my daughters face was just priceless when she saw all the presents!!

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