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Kids Shows Are Really Fucking Annoying As All Hell
yeah, stupid diego just came on and I may kill him
in my dreams, I kill him
little einsteins here
we’re on our waaaaaaaaaaay the mission of the day…starts when we say ROCKET
fuck rocket
take the fucking bus you liitle pukes
and where the FUCK are their parents?
I mean…if my kid is in Egypt…I want to know
I’m not saying AZUL
Diego can’t make me.

I think it’s safe to say I need to change the channel.


  1. Erin, we just got “Real” cable and now Nick and Disney are included. Guess which two year old insists on Blues Clues, Dora, Spongebob and That’s So Raven?

    I had to watch this shit when my little brother was a toddler, now my son loves it and it’s driving me crazy.

  2. Amen, sister.

    At least when he’s watching those parentless freaks glavant all over the world speaking their limited Spanish, I can blog.

  3. Oh I’m so glad that Squeaks has pretty much limited herself to The Backyardigans. It’s cute and not that annoying until you’ve seen the same episode 800 times (which I promise has happened). I rented a Diego DVD yesterday just to get a break. He might be annoying, but he’s way better than his football-shaped-head cousin Dora!

  4. Hallelujah and Amen my sistah!

  5. You know you’ve hit a breaking point when Dora is asking, “Do you see the noisy river? Where?” and you roll your eyes and mutter, “It’s right behind you, you blind bitch.”

  6. I can’t stand Dora. Or Diego.

    The girls watch Blue, Franklin, Little Bear, Wonder pets and a LOT of ‘The Upside Down Show’.

    Most of those don’t bother me as much but I really wish they’d come out with NEW episodes. I can pretty much repeat line for line all of these.

    And is it bad that I had a post it note reminding me to add the ‘Save the Wonder Pets’ episode on Monday to our DVR schedule?

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