A grocery store is as good a place as any…

Forgive me for sounding like one of those little quotes in Reader’s Digest from Martha in Podunk, Kentucky…but…

The ENTIRE family (and when I say ENTIRE I mean..ALL of us PLUS the inlaws) made our way down the bread aisle at our local market. There were two other women staring at the selection of whole wheat and white when out of the blue my daughter yells…wait for it…

Of course the Kaiser and I burst into laughter and shake our heads. Because what the hell else do you do?


  1. ROFL. Well, It could have been worse 😉 The bread isle is better than the church pew!

  2. ROTFLMAO!! Why are farts so funny?! I can’t help but laugh, almost every time.

  3. Wanna hear something funny? Dawson did this same thing. He farted in the grocery store except he yelled, “Mumma farted.” and started laughing hysterically. I blame his father for this. He always blames his farts on someone else.

  4. Mine pull the “Toot toot Mommy!”

    Even when I didn’t do anything.

    You know, she could have said “Smell the love”.

  5. when I was little, someone tooted in a grocery store, and the people behind my dad and I were commenting on it. I yelled:
    “Well it couldn’t have been my dad! He always says his farts smell like roses!”

  6. My little girl at 4 is already great at passing the buck. She will say. “Mom you is really smwelly”. If not me than she will blame baby bro or dad if he’s around.

  7. Too funny. Hey, if the people in the bread aisle can’t handle a farting toddler, they’ve got bigger problems than choosing white or wheat bread.

  8. She could have a toy megaphone with her

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